Pitru Paksha 2022: These things you should donate

In order to please your ancestors and also to get blessings from the poor and needy, you can donate the following things.
shoes on floor
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Pitru Paksha has already started on 10th September 2022 and is set to end with Mahalaya Amavasya on 25th September 2022. This period is known to honor our ancestors for all the hard work they have done so that we could reach wherever we are today. People who belong to the Hindu religion usually have their own family rituals to follow to do some sort of tarpan, pind daan, and charitable work that is aimed to give peace to the departed souls.

Sacred Places to visit during Pitru Paksha

In Hinduism, the traditions and rituals are many. So, it is obvious that youngsters or even middle-aged people won't know all about their religion's customs and culture on their own until they are guided by the elderly members of the family. Some people may also consider Hindus to be quite orthodox and old-fashioned to be having such restricted beliefs on customs and traditions that make them remember people who have already passed away.

What is Heaven?

But honestly speaking, if you read ancient scriptures or attend satsangs and pravachans from renowned spiritual leaders, you will understand the importance of each ritual and pooja that Hindus have in their whole journey of life. Pitru Paksha is that period wherein you should really respect the elderly members of the family and even remember the ancestors of your family so that their souls feel respected and honored by you.

Whether you are partaking in the religious activities related to Pitru Paksha is completely your and your family's call but engaging in the below charitable activities during this period will only give you further blessings from the people who are presently alive. Donation in any form is always meant to provide happiness and peace in the house and to those who are living in your home. It also secures future generations to not meet any unseen consequences in their lives.

In order to please your ancestors and also to get blessings from the poor and needy, you can donate the following things.

1) Shoes or slippers:

Donating your old or used slippers that are in wearable condition will always help someone who cannot even afford to have a shoe in their legs in the first place.

2) Clothes:

If you have many used clothes that are okay to wear and don't need a lot of stitching, donating them to someone poor in a nearby temple or sitting on the streets will give you the required blessings.

3) Umbrella:

Umbrella can be used in all seasons. So, if you have many umbrellas lying in your home, just take one or two to donate them to someone needy or old person on the streets. Your kind act may give them the shelter that they cannot afford to buy from the shop.

4) You can also donate Black Sesame seeds, Ghee, Jaggery, Grains, and Salt to the poor and needy as they help a person cook food and eat at least for some days. 

5) Donating a cow or donating food for the cow in a temple is considered to be one of the biggest charitable activities during Pitru Paksha. 

So, don't hesitate and don't stop yourself from the noble activities of life. You never know whose life you are changing with your small and big acts in life.