Things you need to know about Pitru Paksha 2022

Pitru Paksha is going to start a day after Anant Chaturdashi this year, which is on 9th September 2022. 
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Hindu communities all over the country observe Pitru Paksha, which is a 16-day lunar period dedicated to ancestors. This year, Pitru Paksha will begin on 10 September, Saturday, and end on 25 September 2022, Sunday. Pitru Paksha is going to start a day after Anant Chaturdashi this year, which is on 9th September 2022. 

What is Heaven?

During Pitru Paksha, Hindus honor their ancestors who are known as Pitas in Hindi. The rituals related to Pitru Paksha are known as Shradh, which are conducted with full sincerity and respect to thank the departed souls of the dead parents and grandparents.

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Hinduism gives a lot of importance to family members who are alive as well as dead. Pitru Paksha is dedicated to the departed ancestors and helping them attain peace because it is said that when ancestors are dissatisfied, doom falls on the family thus making their lives a living hell. There are certain dos and don'ts that one needs to follow during Pitru Paksha. 

Things to do:

Pitru Paksha is the period when you need to maintain calmness and peace in your household as a lot of emotions will be coming out due to the memories of the departed souls.

You must willingly offer food to the needy, poor, and animals. It is believed when you offer food to animals like dogs, crows, and cows, the dead ancestors are also getting food in the process.

 You should do the rituals only after proper consultation with your family priest. 

Respect should be given to crows who are considered to be the messengers of Yama, the God of Death. Hence, they should be given pind daan which consists of rice and sesame seeds as per the instructions of the priest.

Talk respectfully to the elderly family members during Pitru Paksha. It is said that people who mistreat their elders or senior members of their family get Pitru Dosh.

Things to avoid:

Do not follow things that are written online or in any books and start doing the Shradh rituals on your own.

Avoid consuming non-veg foods, garlic, and onion, and stay away from alcohol and other addictive habits.

Do not purchase luxurious items or wear or buy new clothes.

Do not organize any pooja or auspicious functions at home. Never try to get engaged or organize the marriage function of your family members or shift to a new home or buy a new car during these 16 days of Pitru Paksha as it brings bad luck.

Avoid using iron objects. You can use silver or brass vessels during this Shradh period. 

Avoid cutting your nails, shaving, or getting a haircut during the 16 days of the Pitru Paksha period. You can do these activities a day before the Mahalayapaksha period starts.

Mahalaya Amavasya or Pitru Moksha Amavasya, Sarvapitri Amavasya is observed in the Bhadrapada month by people living in South India. This year, Mahalaya Amavasya is on 25th September 2022. The ritual is performed to get blessings from the ancestors for a peaceful and prosperous life.