Teacher's Day 2022: Read an Inspiring Teacher-Student Story

Preetha got disappointed as she didn't get the sign and didn't inform the teacher as well once she returned from her work.
teacher and student
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"Mam, this is my homework," said Preetha to her class 5 teacher who was checking the notebooks of her students. Preetha was waiting while her teacher saw the notebook. "Good, you have completed all the homework," said the teacher. Preetha smiled and was standing silently. Immediately her class teacher got a call from the principal's cabin and forgot to sign the notebook of completing the homework. Preetha got disappointed as she didn't get the sign and didn't inform the teacher as well once she returned from her work.

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After some days, Preetha got to know that she has got poor grades in her homework assignments because her teacher forgot to sign on the notebook and make a record in her own book about the completed assignment. Preetha cried a lot at home and didn't inform her parents as well. The next day Preetha went to the classroom when her teacher stopped her and asked her about the incident wherein she failed to record her marks and sign the notebook. Preetha said yes it happened so but she was afraid to inform the teacher that she was at fault.

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Preetha's teacher got disappointed by her remarks and told Preetha that she wouldn't have felt bad had she approached her the next day itself or even when the marks were declared for the homework. Preetha's teacher told her, "We all are human beings and tend to make mistakes. Irrespective of the position we are in, you have all the rights if someone is doing wrong with you unknowingly. You can speak up and tell them that they are at fault subtly and get the corrections made rather than living life like a victim." 

Preetha felt empowered and told her teacher that she will follow this advice in her life always. After 20 years, Preetha got married and lived in her matrimonial home. Her in-laws treated her really badly and even tortured her emotionally because of their mental illnesses. However, Preetha remembered her teacher's advice and implemented the same action. This time, however, Preetha didn't play the victim card but instead sought psychological counseling wherein she got the training and needed information on how to stay sane despite living in a highly stressful environment.

After some years, Preetha was walking beside her school when she met her old teacher and thanked her for the wise advice to never be a victim and instead take action to protect oneself. Preetha told how she overcame marital abuse and is leading an okay life with her husband and in-laws. She shared with her teacher how despite all the struggles and challenges of her life, she pursued her dreams of becoming an independent woman and also worked as an online tutor for poor kids in her free time.

She thanked the teacher for playing a role model in her life unknowingly and also shared how he motivated her friends to never let life's problems stop them from living in peace. She started her own YouTube channel wherein she discussed topics on women empowerment and increasing self-confidence.