Some humour to make you realize life is not that bad amid coronavirus outbreak

LifestyleSome humour to make you realize life is not that bad amid...


Some humour to make you realize life is not that bad amid coronavirus outbreak

You all might be anxious as coronavirus cases are increasing every day all over the world. Yes, it is indeed the crisis fact that we are dealing with nowadays. But as they say, some things are beyond our control. We need not come to the conclusion that life is going to be like this forever. In these challenging times, we need to shift our focus to the good and what is positive in our lives.

Here we bring some funny jokes to make you realize and appreciate LIFE:

1) An Old Lady Gave A Bus Driver Peanuts To Eat. This Happened For Several Times. One Day Driver Asked: “Why You Giving Me Such Wonderful Peanuts? Why Don’t You Eat Them Yourself?” Old Lady Replied: “I Don’t Have Teeth To Munch Them” Driver: “Ohhh, Then Why You Bought Them?” Old Lady: “I Just Love The Chocolate Around Them“

2) Santa Calls The Help Desk To Complain About Computer Problem. Santa: “When I Type Computer Password, It Just Shows Star Star Star Star, What Is That Joke?” Help Desk: “Dear, Those Stars Are To Protect You, So That If A Person Standing Behind, He Can’t Read Your Password” Santa: “Yeah Okay, But Stars Appear Even When There Is No One Standing Behind Me”.

3)  Male Criteria For Life Partner: “They Expect Their Women To Look Like Miss Universe & Work Like Maasi” And Females Criteria For Life Partner: “They Expect Their Men To Look Like Mr Universe, Earn Like Bill Gates & Obey Like Ramu Kaka”

Make sure you add such jokes in your daily diet along with consumption of daily news and other stuff!

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