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Shravan Puja being held online due to coronavirus


Shravan Puja being held online due to coronavirus

As coronavirus pandemic has made everything go online – like buying vegetables, shopping, performing office work and studying, now puja rituals are also going virtual in the month of Shravan.

As almost all temples are shut or have limited entry, devotees need not feel sad and hence, are opting the online way to perform pujas and rudra abhishek to Lord Shiva during the auspicious Shravan month.

Worshipping Shivlinga by offering milk in the entire month of Shravan is a ritual every year that has undergone a change this year due to the pandemic.

During such crisis times where social distancing is mandatory, many Lord Shiva devotees are taking virtual sankalp and watching the live streaming of the rudra abhishek which they can follow at their own homes.

People are paying online to the temples to take part in the live streaming of the pujas from their homes. It costs around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000 depending on the type of puja and the temple’s rituals.

Religion is something that is very personal to everyone. Even in these difficult times, remembering the Lord and offering Him or Her prayers is of utmost importance for good health and longevity.

Hence, people are going ahead with online methods of praying and performing pujas and keeping their good thoughts for the Gods alive in their minds.

By Sahana Iyer

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