Respect time and time will respect you

Time is the most precious asset that a person owns and has to be given respect.

hourglass becoming less
Image by Nicole from Pixabay

TIME is such a small word but when it comes to realizing its importance, you will know that your whole life revolves around this small word. Time is really important in everyone's life. Like you won't find anyone on this planet who will say that they don't know the importance of time. After all, it is TIME and TIDE that waits for no one in life. Time is the most precious asset that a person owns and has to be given respect.


What is the Management of Time?


For example, if you see someone who is just sitting idle and does nothing in their life, you will say that this person is just a waste of time. It is because he is not using his time to do some productive work. We have been brought up by our schools and colleges to give value to time. For example, if you are late to school, you will not be allowed to attend the class. If you are late for the exams, the professor will tell you to stay out and miss the exam. If you are late to the office, your boss will cut your salary. 

Conversation with Wriddhiman Saha came from respect for him: Dravid

So, the reason why the time has been attached with a cost is that it is that precious. More precious than money as well. Because when you have time only, you can earn money and make goodwill of your life. If you don't have time, you just cannot do many important things in your life. So, that's why never waste your time on unproductive stuff like creating drama, taking tension, and doing things that are against the system and society. Because today or tomorrow, you will be caught by someone who will really teach you the harsh lesson of wasting your time and that is no one else but the TIME itself.

For example, an obese woman was advised by her doctors throughout her teenage to join a gym or yoga class and change her lifestyle if she doesn't want to face problems in the future. She would, however, waste her time watching useless TV serials and say that she doesn't have time for her health. It so happened that after she got married, her overweight had become a hindrance for her to conceive a child. And when she conceived a child, it was not a healthy one and had to be aborted by the doctor to save her life.

That is when she realized that had she listened to the health advice from the experts, she would have probably lived a healthy lifestyle and given birth to a healthy baby. Had she utilized her free time to do some healthy activities in life, she would have been a healthy body and mind. Thus, TIME taught her a lesson in life to respect the same and helped her to lead a good future ahead.

She eventually started respecting the time and taking part in creative and healthy activities to stay fit and fine. This lesson of TIME helped her to overcome her obesity as well and live a happy life. Thus, when you respect the time you have in life, time will respect you in exchange and help you prosper and flourish in life.