Remember God is more powerful than your fears

Riya's mom wasn't shocked because this question runs in every woman and man's life who has a growing-up daughter. 
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"Mom, I am afraid to go for an outing with my friends," said Riya to her mother while she was cleaning the utensils. Riya's mother asked her the reason for which Riya said that "I heard many stories these days on the news channels of how young girls' lives are threatened due to mishappenings like rape, accidents, misbehaviors, kidnapping, drugs, etc. I am just unable to think what will happen to me if I am one of them when I go for an outing with my friends. I am afraid to live in this unsafe world mamma," cried Riya. 

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Riya's mom wasn't shocked because this question runs in every woman and man's life who has a growing-up daughter. How safe is this world for women in the 21st century? Riya's mom calmed her down and said that "It is indeed true that things are too bad in certain cases and the probability of you going out will further increase your fears only. But remember one thing always if you follow the rules and if your friends are genuine ones who are traveling with a trustworthy tourist guide or company, then you should just walk the path and not question the process. Always remember that God is greater than your fears. So, if at all, you come across any problem in your life now or later, you need to muster up the courage to come out free from the problems and challenges. You need to be bold, brave, and confident and not allow your fears to rule your whole life." 

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As Riya's mother said these wise words to her, Riya started feeling confident and bold. After all, she is a huge devotee of God and when such confidence came from her mother herself whom she considered her role model, Riya started to think with positive energy. Riya called her friends and said that she would be interested to be a part of the outing and will be on time. As Riya was packing her bags, she also kept her laptop ON and was watching videos on self-defense, apps created for women in danger, and also some important life lessons from inspirational women.

For Riya, her God Krishna was the main deity. She prayed to Lord Krishna to give her the needed energy and mental strength to not live in fear throughout her life and take this trip as the starting part of the long journey. Riya aimed to become independent and overcome the different types of fears that she had developed by listening to the news and also from her classmates who were good at spreading rumors. 

Riya also ensured that she took all the necessary precautions for her survival in case she gets stuck at any place during her outing. She had informed her relatives who stayed nearby to the outing place so that they can rescue her in case she finds herself in trouble with unknown strangers. By doing advanced planning and keeping her mind strong, Riya enjoyed her trip as well and came back home overcoming her first fear of going out on a tour without her parents.