Wonderful Gifts for your lover cum best friend on Friendship Day

If you are looking to make this Friendship Day special then make sure you plan some interesting gifts for your lover cum best friend. 

chocolate box
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Your wife or lover may be one of your best friends who accepted your love proposal. If you are looking to make this Friendship Day special then make sure you plan some interesting gifts for your lover cum best friend

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1) Go for a romantic date night with a twist of Friendship:

A romantic date night can be planned by you, which will also have some friendship angle to it. For example, you can call all your best friends on a dinner night and then take your lover cum best friend to a separate area where it is just you and her spending the date night.

2) Chocolate box full of love:

Your best friend cum lover may deny that she doesn't eat sweets as she doesn't want to put on extra weight. You can get dark chocolates and cover them in a beautiful box. It will be a wonderful gift to her as she will relish the dark chocolates without any concern of adding on weight. 

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3) Take her to your school or college:

Instead of driving to a luxurious restaurant, you can take your best friend cum lover to your school or college. You can share all the naughty things that you did during your school and college days. And hearing all of them she will definitely be more enlightened and happy to know your naughty self. 

4) Get down at the Paani puri stop:

You may have some idea by now of how paani puris are one of her favorite chaat items. You can simply stop by in a paani puri stop and put up a contest of who eats the more puris. I am sure she will only win but the smile and happiness that she will express when she wins and you lose are some of the beautiful things you will witness in your relationship.

5) Gift her a diary:

Tell her that you want to know those moments of her life when she is upset and doesn't feel like sharing feelings with you. Ask her to write them down so that you can read them and understand her perspective of life better.

6) Call her parents:

The way you gain respect from a woman is by respecting her parents. How about sending a friendship band to her parents as well and speaking to them by saying that as much as your woman is important to you, equally are her parents?

7) Tell her to act like a friend:

Many times couples who get married after being best friends tend to forget their primary relationship of best friends. How about gifting your best friend cum lover the opportunity of just being a friend for a day and listening to all that she has to say to you? You never know if you will understand how your best friend has been longing to share so many secrets about her life that she couldn't just because the relationship changed over a period of time.