Will you fall in love after seeing the horoscope?

Read on to find a beautiful love story that overcame the myths of horoscope and lived happily ever after.
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Horoscope-based love is quite common these days. Considering how people get separated only when their horoscopes don't match in many cases. Couples get united if their horoscopes match but if they don't match, then either their families or orthodox beliefs or situations separate them. So, what kind of lover are you? Would you want to date a girl or a guy only if your starts' compatibility matches? Or these horoscopes and astrology don't matter to you at all? Read on to find a beautiful love story that overcame the myths of horoscope and lived happily ever after.

Astro Zindagi (Weekly Horoscope)

It was her 27th birthday when Reena's mother asked her what is her birthday wish. Reena replied that she would like to marry the person of her choice and not go by the community or caste or horoscope-based search. Reena's single mother who lost her husband when Reena was in her 20s got confused and afraid too to deal with Reena's progressive thinking. Reena uploaded her profile on both matrimonial and dating websites but she never took a keen interest in men as her hands were full of official work.

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It so happened that Reena's uncle took her horoscope to give to her late father's friend who was searching for a possible bride for his son. Reena got a message on WhatsApp about the horoscope of the elderly man's son who was looking for a homely girl who could take care of the groom's elderly parents. Reena was at first not at all interested because she was not keen on getting married just based on her horoscope. So, she decided to call the possible groom and they both started talking. When the horoscopes of both the bride and groom were shown to the astrologer, they got rejected because the stars weren't aligning as per the calculations. There was no compatibility as such as per the horoscopes.

When Reena and the boy named Ramesh started talking to each other, they started to know each other well. They discussed each other's interests, beliefs, and future goals. Ramesh went ahead and showed his and Reena's horoscope to another astrologer who said the duo was meant to be together and that is because they now have formed a thick bonding that no stars can break.

This natural friendship of theirs turned into a love story wherein all members of the family were happy to get the duo married. Thus, the marriage journey started and there was a lot of work done mutually by the partners. However, there came a devil's eye who spoiled the duo's strong bonding by creating several misunderstandings and health issues.

The couple decided to take time off from each other during the misunderstandings period but some sort of prayers were done by both the families' well-wishers so that the couple could get back together. And in reality, the couple came back again and started living together with a new beginning. 

The moral of this love story is whether because of the horoscope or not, prayers and goodness worked in favor of the couple. So, even if your horoscope tells you that you have many doshas and cannot get married etc, do not blindly believe in them and spoil your life. You can rebuild your life's journey with a strong belief in God who will take care of everything and create situations in your life where you would meet the right person to start your love story.