When your husband admires features of other women

Don't get irritated when your husband says that the ABC woman in his office cooks XYZ dish really well and you should be learning cooking from people like her.
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Image by Mihai Paraschiv from Pixabay

Don't get crazy when your husband taunts you for your overweight or obese. Don't panic when your husband admires celebrities like Pooja Hegde or Ananya Panday just because they have lean figures. Don't get irritated when your husband says that the ABC woman in his office cooks XYZ dish really well and you should be learning cooking from people like her.

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Don't really go mad when you both are on the bed and your husband recalls a sex scene in a movie wherein an actress really looked damn hot and sizzling in a bikini. And finally, don't stop talking to him just because he is addicted to watching movies of only his favorite actress on your OTT channels. 

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It is quite common nowadays to find men drolling over the physical features of women who kinda overexpose themselves in movies or series because obviously they get paid for it. But if your man has been doing it for a long period of time and neglecting all your hard work and genuine efforts that you are putting in the relationship to keep it alive, don't feel demotivated.

It's a natural tendency for a man to compare his wife with that others, especially if you both don't have that kind of a relationship wherein there is open communication of what hurts and what doesn't work for you both. You can consider his nasty comments that are hurting your self-image for a long time as a kind of revenge for doing something that didn't really go well with him.

It can some sort of a blast from the past wherein an incident or your behavior might have hurt his ego and knowing the natural tendency that how women boil down when their men talk more about other women and praise them, he is just using this tactic on you. If you really want to come out of this emotional warzone, then you need to sit with him and talk.

Probably he may not admit that his comments are subjected to you, but if you really decide to break the ice and know what is the root cause of his odd and hurtful behavior, you will surely get the point. At times, ignoring is also a form of getting things back in control. For example, if your husband says that look at Bipasha Basu and how she has maintained herself despite crossing a young age, you need not hit back with her lifestyle or show your admiration towards Karan Grover.

You can simply smile and say that you would like to make some efforts to look like her if your husband supports you. Looking at your positive thought process may really want your husband to know that you really don't get affected by your looks and your improved confidence levels will bring some air of peace and calmness in your relationship for your husband to mend his ways.

If things don't settle even after your calm and no-conflict-mode responses, you can consider taking your husband to an outing so that you both can start a new page in your relationship that doesn't involve these daily noisy comments and taunts.