When sex becomes boring in your marital life

A man and a woman marry each other in a spiritual country like India for varied reasons and one among them is the unity of two souls. 
couple sleeping on the bed
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Couples bond with each other at a physical and emotional level usually in every relationship or marital life. But there are some couples who find sexual intercourse and physical intimacy to be a boring and irritating activities. If you and your partner both don't feel like indulging in sex because of various reasons, you don't have to end the relationship, at least in India. A man and a woman marry each other in a spiritual country like India for varied reasons and one among them is the unity of two souls. 

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So, if you don't want sex to be a part of your marital life, you can still be together and share common feelings of happiness and satisfaction in life. Here are some other productive things that you as a couple can do for each other and with each other.

1) Inspire each other's lives:

Many times we think reproduction is the only reason why two people get married. But starting a family or giving birth to children or becoming parents is not something that every couple has to restrict themselves to as a duty in their marital life. There can be more than making physical love and giving birth to children. And that is the inspiration that you can give to each other. Encouraging your partner to do their best in other areas of life like societal responsibilities, friendships, maintaining relationships with other relatives, doing amazing things in their career, and even taking up a social cause can be some of the few ways to stay united.

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2) Be an unofficial therapist for other couples:

You can set an example to other couples of how calmness, patience, and mutual understanding can really work wonders for any couple in their relationship. When there are a couple or marital issues of other friends or relatives, you both can lend a helping hand to solve them so that they can focus on their lives in the best possible way. You can also help others in your network to lead a meaningful life rather than chasing only materialism and irrationality in today's fast-paced world.

3) Think of the bigger picture:

There is more to your marital life than just love and intimacy. And this you can discover only if you improve your bonding with each other. Maybe you can spend more time learning what your and your partner's hobbies and innate skills are. Think of developing those and bringing the best out of each other in your relationship. You can support each other financially as well by buying a property or looking for ways to build a pension corpus after retirement. This way you both will be committed to your life, personal, and relationship goals and yet keep the happiness alive in your relationship.

Last but not the least, don't get bogged down by other couples' sex lives. The PDAs, mushy-mushy love scenes, and lovey-dovey selfies with their partners on social media feeds don't really define LIFE. So, think of what you both really want in your life and keep going ahead. Remember no amount of criticism and comparisons will help you both in the long run, so just keep going ahead with a large heart and happy mindset.