What to do when your relationship lacks Gehraiyaan

Not necessarily, every couple will show their worst side or deeper secrets when they bond with each other during their dating days.
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Lust is often confused with love these days. Attraction toward the physical features or net worth of a person, be it a man or a woman, has become normal these days. When the couple meets each other through common friends or social circles or in events, they get attracted to each other based on the information that gets shared between each other in the initial days of the relationship. Not necessarily, every couple will show their worst side or deeper secrets when they bond with each other during their dating days.

What is Brotherly Love?

However, many couples these days get involved with each other hardly knowing themselves and their partners, and make their relationship official. When things seem good, the couple set relationship goals on social media and also makes their relatives believe that they are the IT couple. But when adversity strikes, they start removing couple photos from their social media platforms. 

Indo-German couple forced to leave their house, Jaipur

In the digital age, just removing the surname or deleting the partner's photos or changing the bio, and unfollowing each other has become a fad to announce that the couple is getting separated from each other. This situation arises because couples these days are quite impulsive and want to show instant affection and hatred towards each other. 

Not all romantic relationships have a rosy beginning or ending, however, comparing with other couples and imitating how celebrity couples follow relationship objectives in their lives are the root causes of quick bonding and breakup policy in these times. Like, I have seen a celebrity who has been involved in many relationships but they all were short-lived. Now that celebrity may be really good in many other aspects of his or her life. He or she may also endorse many brands and support social causes. But when it comes to romantic life, he or she has been a hard-core failure.

Common people shouldn't follow such ideas of romantic relationships and imitate celebrities. They should just follow their heart and get into a relationship only when they are sure. Physical features will fade away, wealth will go one day and even relatives or friends will not be there sooner or later. What will be always there is the true love between each other that the couple share between them. And that should form the basis of the relationship.

Trust is something that the couple should be able to do to each other when times become tough. The depths or Gehraaiyi of a relationship are judged based on how much the couple trusts and never give up on each other no matter what. Mistakes and errors happen in a relationship but that shouldn't make the couple part ways. Instead, the couple should opt for forgiveness and give each other another chance every time they commit mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.

After all, every person is just a human and there cannot be a rulebook for successful relationships that fits all. One should understand each other and come to a common consensus where they support each other in whatever ways they can. Once this is achieved, no villain of the story can break the couple's relationship even in dire situations.