What to do when he just doesn't know to listen

 Here are some amazing tips to help your partner understand your perspective better:
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A man has really great listening power. However, when it comes to listening to his wife or life partner, there are errors in judgment and decision-making abilities. If you are having a partner who just doesn't know how to listen to your expert advice and suggestions, then don't feel bad. Here are some amazing tips to help your partner understand your perspective better:

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1) Speak with examples and not comparisons:

If you are used to saying that your friend's husband has brought a new home and see how well-settled they are becoming, then you are adding fuel to the already existing fire. Instead of quoting an example that will make your partner jealous or irritated, give him ideas of how you are thinking to walk on financial stability. You need to involve your partner in your decision-making rather than just imposing your decision on him. You can start the conversation by saying that you are thinking to save some amount of money every month and every year so that after some years, you can think of buying a new home for future investment. 

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2) Your expert advice should have some success rate:

Say, you are telling your partner to buy an Alexa for you all of a sudden and he doesn't listen to you, then there are failure rates on your part as well. Instead, when the Amazon sale comes up and there is Alexa being offered considerably at a lower rate, you can ask him to check out the best product and get you one. This way, you are helping your partner save a lot of money and also get you the gift that you desire. Creating a win-win situation always has to be one of your strategies to make your partner understand your views better.

3) Don't compare between mother and mother-in-law:

If your mother ties your pony even after you are in your 30s when you meet her in her home, then it is out of love and affection for being her daughter. But if you expect the same treatment of unconditional love from your mother-in-law, then sorry you are living in a fairytale world. No doubt that there are many mothers-in-law out there who are really good and caring but there are several mothers-in-law who don't care about their daughters-in-law. Irrespective of what kind of mother-in-law you are blessed with, never ever make the mistake of comparing your mother and your mother-in-law in front of your husband. There are high chances that he may get offended and will never make effort to understand you well.

4) Get rid of the suspicious behavior:

You may have asked your husband to get you a thing that you think is apt for the family or home. But he doesn't listen and neither does he cares to give you a reply to your demand or request. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you or has no emotional attachments for you. Many times men grow out of puppy or fairytale love within a few years of relationship or marriage. Their silence shouldn't be misunderstood and make you judgmental. Instead of doubting his nature, just get rid of the suspicious nature and welcome the changes in him with an open mindset.