Hot tips to woo your man this Navratri

Got a boyfriend? Have a crush? Planning to propose? Newly married but haven't formed a romantic bond with your partner yet?
couple holding hands
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Got a boyfriend? Have a crush? Planning to propose? Newly married but haven't formed a romantic bond with your partner yet? Well, for all your requirements to impress your partner, here are some interesting ways. As Navratri is nearing, it is obvious that your man would be readying himself to clean up the home, get the essential decorative items, and also purchase a lot of stuff for home and friends. During Navratri, it is believed that physical intimacy has to be restricted between couples but there are several ways in which you can keep your partner engaged in a romantic manner.

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1) Know your partner well:

You may know your partner by only the things that you both might have shared all this while. But why don't you communicate more online or via phone or by spending quality time together, and try to know the deeper feelings, unknown secrets, interesting confessions, and also hidden dreams and pleasures? Probably use this time while you both are at home decorating the interiors or shopping in malls for family and friends to communicate further and understand each other well.

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2) Impress with your attire:

This time of the year is usually for wearing all sorts of ethnic attire that comes in different colors. You can also encourage your man to wear matching attire to your saree or ethnic clothes or lehengas. This will help you both to look great and also make some interesting "matching" memories that can be captured on the camera and posted on social media platforms.

3) Romance with songs:

This Navaratri, although physical intimacy is not encouraged, couples can take care of each other and dance their hearts out to all the famous Bollywood songs of the festive season. Holding hands, looking at each other's eyes, and committing each other that you will care for each other and be there whenever the time turns bad is itself an amazing emotional romance that you can indulge in with your man.

4) Express your care for his health:

Probably if you are health conscious and your man is not, keeping a fast during Navratri will be a difficult decision for him. Help him by cooking meals that are healthy and also don't make him weak as he reduces his intake of food for fasting. Don't force him to eat or not eat but express your deep love and care for him through your actions by feeding him the right foods after the fasting period is done.

5) Form good habits:

Probably your man doesn't know the ideal way of living as a partner or a husband. But no person is perfect and that is the law of life. You can help him understand you well, what bothers you the most, what is your need as a partner, and also how you want to design your future with him by sharing and caring. Help him develop good habits in taking care of his health, finances, relationships, and even friendships.