Tips to tell your partner you want to live-in together

In India, marriage is never between two partners alone but in fact, also involves two families in the society.

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Your partner and you may be dating for a while. However, what is the next step might not be yet decided by either of you. It is because you both are quite serious but not knowing how to take things forward. Marriage may be one idea but putting that into execution may be taking a lot of time and effort because after all, in India, marriage is never between two partners alone but in fact, also involves two families in the society.

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So, if you think living in together before taking the oath of marital life is a good option, then go ahead and discuss the same with your partner. I know you may find it a little difficult to share with your partner how you feel about the concept of live-in, considering live-in partners are never appreciated by society wholeheartedly. You can practice talking to your partner in person before you type that message to meet him or her out and talk things face to face.

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1) Think about the "why" behind your decision to live in:

If you want to live in because you want the relationship to go to the next level, then share the same. The more you express to your partner why living in will help you both to know each other well and also understand the life's perspectives, in reality, the good for both of you. You can also narrate some real-life examples of partners who found their true love for life by living in together. 

2) Know that living in won't be easy:

Accepting the reality that many couples after living in together also break-up, will help ease the process. It is because you won't set unrealistic expectations from your partner. You would go with a mindset of exploring rather than some fixed expectations from your partner. Your partner also needs to know that life is not rosy always like how you see couples flaunting their love lives on social media.

3) Plan your finances as per your partner's budget:

You may be living like a princess when you are at your parent's home. However, when it comes to your partner, he cannot afford the same luxuries as your parents. So, accepting the fact will help you to plan for your personal finances and expenses towards your living-in together accordingly. You can even consider taking up a job if you think supporting your partner will be of some help to him and your future.

4) Become intimate only when you think is the right time:

While cinemagoers may assume that live-in partners come together in the same home because all they want is physical intimacy and sex without any commitment. However, that is not true for all couples. You can become emotionally and physically intimate with your partner only when you think is the right time for your relationship. Do not follow other couples blindly in setting your love goals as each couple is unique and has its own limitations and strengths. So, let things naturally happen and their own course over time.