Tips to make your relationship strong

Now how will you define love as self-centric or selfless or sacrificial is all depends on what set of values and background you come from.
man kissing his partner
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Strong relationships are created not just by selfies on social media or partying together in clubs or sharing each other's bank account details. Relationships become strong only when the couples work towards the betterment of each other along with themselves. The biggest foundation of a strong relationship is love and next comes to care. Now how will you define love as self-centric or selfless or sacrificial is all depends on what set of values and background you come from.

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Love can be in any form and yet remain formless. Love need not be just platonic or just physical. Love is a combination of many things that need to be understood and explained to each other as the journey of a romantic relationship starts. There is no full stop to a strong relationship because as the journey evolves, so does the depthness of the relationship increases. So, if you think removing each other from social media handles or blocking each other's numbers, or not talking to each other will make you believe that it is all over, then let me tell you, a true relationship doesn't really end that way.

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What people think nowadays about relationships and what relationships truly are between couples are completely different. You really don't have to show off to other couples what sort of presents you are giving to each other and set any relationship goals. All you need is transparency and care for each other that is what matters the most. Even if you are off the social media platforms and yet remain genuine and true to your partners and think and care about their well-being, that goes a long way in building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships.

Elders in those days hardly had open communication or places to hang out yet they remained faithful to their partners for 40-50 years of their lives. Death was the only way elders separated from their partners. It didn't mean that they didn't have any downfalls or bad phases in their lives or relationships. But never giving up on each other no matter what the situation occurred in their lives is what made them stick to their true partners forever.

Yes, we cannot live life like elders because we belong to a completely different generation where expression is given more importance than feelings. So, even if you don't say "I love you" to your partner for a day, your partner will start doubting you and getting afraid that you are no longer interested in them. Even if you skip a marriage anniversary party or forget to wish your partner on the given date, it is considered to be one of the shivering signs for your partner that you are walking away from the relationship. This is because we live in a make-believe world which is far different from reality.

We live in fears of separation and abandonment all the time which makes us doubt our relationship with our partner even when everything is going perfectly fine. That is why transparency and keeping an open line of communication are quite vital in keeping the relationship strong for a longer time.