Mind-blowing Tips to be sexy in your relationship

But if you are upset or dissatisfied with your sex life, it is time now that you start working towards regaining your marital bliss again. 
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Image by Oleksandr Pyrohov from Pixabay

If you are a wife and mother of one or two children, it is quite obvious that your quality time with your husband would have been on a declining trend in the last few years. It is natural for couples to have changing priorities during the journey of their marital life. But if you are upset or dissatisfied with your sex life, it is time now that you start working towards regaining your marital bliss again. 

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You can start by preparing a TIME chart that has four sections - ME TIME, FAMILY TIME, WORK TIME, AND TIME WITH YOUR HUSBAND. You can work on your relationship goals by having a shared vision with your husband. You can discuss with your husband of what are the shared goals that you would like to achieve as his wife along with being the mother of his children. He may not dislike the idea because he would also be the one who is struggling to find time for you.

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Couples having strong marriages are usually because both the partners are really good friends who share a common vision and life goals. You can probably talk about the same on a date night and fix your goals for the short-term and long-term. You can even consider taking some professional advice if you think whatever you are planning is not something that is achievable. The majority of the time, we tend to prioritize our children over our husband and our life happiness because we think loving ourselves over good parenting is a selfish act. 

Have a dinner date at least once a week or month that is only between you both and not just at home. In this place, you meet each other as a couple and not just as parents. You can discuss your fears, likes, dislikes and what is it that you want to do together as a couple. It can be as silly as trying to give each other the hot massage that you both have always craved for a long time.

It can even be looking at the photographs when you were a young couple or just newly married. It can be about discussing what nasty things you thought would happen during your honeymoon holidays or your first sexual encounter with your partner. Keeping the kids out of your discussion that happens on your date should be your priority. You can even talk about those things that you always kept to yourself and couldn't share with your husband because of time constraints.

As a woman, you might have evolved a lot due to the kind of responsibilities at home and office that you undertake, however, as a man your husband may not have faced those challenges that you went through but he needs to be aware of the same. So, take this opportunity to share and express yourself as much as you can during the COUPLE TIME. Taking care of your body and mind all the time will make you appear fitter and sexier in your relationship with your partner, so try your best to balance everything even if some days are too dull or challenging.