Therapy goes a long way in saving romantic relationships

Her husband folded the newspaper and kept it on the table and tried reaching out to Sakshi.
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"You didn't turn up when I needed you the most", said Sakshi to her husband who was reading the newspaper. "What are you talking about?" asked her curious husband. To which Sakshi said that "You always ditch me at the last moment. I sometimes wonder why I got married to you. What made me think that you are my true friend and soulmate? I really have understood that you are just showing fake concern and have never stood up for me or my needs. You are a loser and I think I don't need you anymore", blasted Sakshi on her husband further.

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Her husband folded the newspaper and kept it on the table and tried reaching out to Sakshi. But by then Sakshi got up from her chair and went out of the home taking her car. Her husband was emotionally disturbed because according to him, he has always given his best shot to all that Sakshi wanted or asks for. But Saski has always taken her husband for granted and never appreciated his efforts or the work that he has done for her. Her husband went to meet his friend and shared his concerns. 

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It was noted that Sakshi's mother just passed away recently and Saskhi has been feeling so negative and depressed for many months. However, Sakshi's husband thought maybe time will heal her wounds but their marriage is at stake due to her negative mood swings. His friend advised him that there has to be a cool-off period between the couple so that both of them start missing each other and realize each other's value well.

Sakshi however denied her mother's passing away had any role in the marriage being torn apart. She blamed her husband fully and asked him to stay back so that she could start the divorce filings. However, Sakshi's husband was a thorough gentleman and decided not to give in to the maniac episodes by saying that he has work to do in a foreign office and he would be living apart for a month's time.

Sakshi had made up her mind and told him that despite being apart, she won't miss him. Sakshi's husband decided to go for therapy in which he discussed his emotional issues from his childhood to date. In the therapy, he realized that probably his clarity and confidence in working at the office were appreciated because he had a very clear communication style. However, when it came to having conversations with his wife, he would always be shy and timid. He would never share what bothers him and that is seen as a form of neglect and being ignored by his wife for a long while.

After understanding what is breaking his marriage, Sakshi's husband decided to go back to her and treat her the way she wants from her lover. She got the needed attention that was missing in the marriage because her husband would focus only on the outer beauty and never the inner beauty that Sakshi possesses. Sakshi felt loved and decided to not go ahead with the divorce proceedings, thus saving their romantic relationship and marriage.