Do you want to stay Single Forever or Single For Never?

All you find in recent times are "problems" when a man and a woman come together and take the oath of staying married.
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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Being single for a lifetime is one of the best options for many men and women out there. People in India are changing their perceptions and beliefs on marriage, relationships, and bonding between a man and a woman. You no longer find those fairytale romances even in films nowadays, forget about real life. All you find in recent times are "problems" when a man and a woman come together and take the oath of staying married.

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Adjustments, sacrifices, understanding, co-existing, and staying satisfied are the terms that seem no longer exist in the dictionary of people who get into relationships and break up as soon as misunderstandings creep in. When a survey was done with people who opted to stay single during their lifetime, the key to singlehood or bachelorhood happiness was they were able to get more time to do things their way and the way they wanted in life. They could sleep well and didn't feel the need to share their home or finances or relatives with others. And they found happiness in these than the old-age concept of relationships and marriage.

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On the other hand, when a survey was done among married people, they were divided into two groups wherein only a few % of the couples said they are proud or happy to be married as they got a life partner with whom they can share things, trust each other and even achieve many goals with their company. While another set of married couples only lived together due to their family or societal pressure, inability to save much for living alone, and also due to the love for their children. 

Well, one likes it or not, but when one is in a relationship or has gotten married, a lot of things change in their life. These changes are not something for which one can get trained but one must be willing to let go of their certain interests, certain friendships and relationships, and specific comfort zones so that they can remain single for never. However, if the willingness is not to adapt or adjust and be themselves only, then it is better to stay single forever.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to get into a relationship with someone just because your parents or society wants to see you married? Or you genuinely are seeking true love in your life with whom you can share your secrets, share your love and even start a family together? If you don't want a family still a life partner, then you can look for a girl or a boy in your life with whom you can settle down and start living together.

If you are someone who thinks love is all fake and there is nothing called "true relations" or "true love" then your concept of singlehood will win always you. Because your mind will train you to look at only the couples who are getting divorced or breaking up. You will only notice what is wrong with the couple than what is going right between them despite all the ups and downs in the relationship.