Simple ways to tell your partner to plan for a child

If you have been contemplating how to take up this topic with your partner, here are some interesting ways to do that.
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Image by Tawny Nina Botha from Pixabay

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful things in life. After all, giving birth to a child for a man or woman always comes as a blessing from God to raise their family and build a future generation. If you have been married for a couple of years and want to take your relationship to the next level, then you would have surely gotten advice from your elderly family members to start a family. However, the idea might not have come to you unless it comes from your heart when you decide that yes, now you really want to give parenthood a chance. If you have been contemplating how to take up this topic with your partner, here are some interesting ways to do that.

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1) Keep things easy for your partner to understand:

Don't play with his mind by giving examples of other couples who recently became parents. He might really get confused and think that you are only celebrating their parenthood journey. You can simply ask your partner what are his thoughts about having a baby. He may hesitate a bit in the initial stage if you both have never discussed the topic. However, he will surely ask you for more time to give deeper thought and planning. No man in this world would say that he doesn't want a child unless he already has 10 or more children of his own. So, never speak in fear if your discussion is about having a child for the first time in your marital life.

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2) Share what you think about having a child:

Becoming a mother is a huge step. After all, you are a woman, and expectations from society and family are already on you right from the time you got married. But you may have taken the time off and not thought about this journey due to several personal reasons that are best known to you. As you are taking up this topic of starting a family, you need to express to your husband what really motherhood means to you. Is it just about having a child to support you in the future? Is it about being able to live up to societal expectations? Is it about giving your husband the best gift in his life? Is it about giving a child who will transform the society and country at large? Think about the reasons you want to have a child and express it to your partner. I am sure he will be more than willing to listen the same if you approach him in his right frame of mind.

3) Be prepared for anything and everything:

If your partner thinks it is too early to start a family, then go for it. You can even recommend to him that you would like to continue your profession the best way possible even if you are not planning for a family. You can show him the positive sides of having a family rather than thinking of it as an additional responsibility at a young age. If your partner doesn't get convinced, then don't force him to get into this. Be mentally prepared to face any response and move on from the discussion if there is a big NO.