Signs your partner doesn't REALLY want a divorce

Here is how you can really check on if your partner loves you deeply but is looking for divorce because he doesn't see a future in the relationship.
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Your partner may have been accused of many things that are still fresh in your memory. He may also have blamed you for all the wrong things that happened with him, his family, his life, his career, and his overall relationship. You may think of yourself as a villain for ruining a man's life because that's how society and even your partner's family members will portray you. When such extreme things in your life, you would really feel like getting up from your bed and signing those divorce papers and throwing them on your partner's face, hang on!

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Sometimes times are too bad for couples to understand each other well. Such bad times occur in human lives quite often and that is quite natural too. However, how people behave during such difficult times and what makes them a winner or losers depends on their actions and thoughts. For example, if your partner has been harassing you to sign those divorce papers as soon as possible because he wants to get rid of you and dissolve the marriage, it looks as if he is too stressed or depressed in his life.

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Well, there is another angle as well if your partner is looking for someone else to get engaged in his life. But if there is really no other woman and it is just you both who are giving up on each other because the situations are too tragic for you both to handle, then put a coma rather than a full stop to your relationship. Here is how you can really check on if your partner loves you deeply but is looking for divorce because he doesn't see a future in the relationship.

1) He accuses you badly and then checks on if you are hurt or not:

If hurting you in an actual sense is not the real intention of your partner, then you would get to know if he comes caring to you when you start crying uncontrollably. You will sense that even if he doesn't express his care in words or actions but in his eyes and voice tone. You would sense that your partner still needs you if you say that you also hate him and don't want to see his face for the rest of your life.

2) He tries to secure your future by asking you to quote alimony:

Your partner may have several reasons for not continuing the marriage but if his genuine care goes to an extent that he is taking your side by asking you to freely quote an alimony amount, then look into his face and ask him WHY? Once the divorce papers are signed, it doesn't really matter what you do with your life and future. But if he still tries to show his concern and wants to secure your life by giving his property or FDs or something that will help you in the long run, then demand explanations for his actions. If he rubs off saying he is just following the legal process, then too make sure to know his real reasons for wanting to protect you.

Probably there is still hope alive in the marriage that has been getting rejected just because of a few misunderstandings that can be resolved only when both partners think from a calm mindset.