Signs your boyfriend no longer needs you

If you think you are in a one-sided relationship with your boyfriend, here are some signs you need to watch out.
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In a relationship, as much as consent is important that much is interest and feelings are important. If you think you are in a one-sided relationship with your boyfriend, here are some signs you need to watch out.

1) He misses your call every time you call him:

You may be used to calling him to share everything about your life. In the initial years or phase of your relationship, you may have got a good response from your boyfriend who would reply to your calls and messages instantly. But of late, if you have been finding that your boyfriend doesn't reply to your calls or messages immediately and eventually doesn't have reasons to support his drifting apart, you can be assured that he plans to break up with you anytime soon.

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2) He doesn't care for you either:

When you used to share earlier that you have got hurt or are tired of working, he may tell you to take enough rest and prioritize your health over anything else. But of late, whenever you share your health issues, he would just reply saying "Take Care" or "Consult a doctor" with no other emotions attached about how he feels when you get ill. It shows how his caring nature has lost its charm because he no longer is interested to be with you in a romantic relationship.

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3) His priorities in life have changed:

He may be the one who would fix plans of dates or night-outs with you and his friends. But of late, he doesn't invite you to his friends' get-togethers or doesn't take the initiative to go on a date with you. He may give you the excuse that his life has changed or he is busy with his new job or new work in the college. But eventually, he would never be the one who would want to take out from his busy schedule for you. It reveals that he no longer thinks about you when he wants to relax or take a break from his daily routine.

4) He may be dating someone else:

If he has set a password on his phone, laptop, and other electronic items that you had earlier access to but are no longer getting the same access to, then you can sense there is something fishy in your boyfriend's thinking. Either he may be dating someone else about whom he doesn't want to share with you or he may start to have a private space where you no longer exist. 

5) He doesn't speak frankly with you:

He may be hiding a lot of things about his life, including his romantic life. He may want to break up with you but doesn't know how to take the hard decision and hurt you. He may keep you thinking about the worst-case scenarios by not being honest and frank. He may be thinking that hurting you would not be a good idea but you need to take the step forward if you think enough is enough and you want clarity in the relationship.