Side effects of dating a person from another community

If you are planning to date a guy or girl who is from a different community, then be prepared for all the good and worst-case scenarios in your life.
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In India, we are still not too modern for romantic relationships that are formed with partners from different castes or communities. Although live-in relationships and inter-caste marriage are the most talked about topics in recent times, when it comes to reality, there is a hell lot of opposition to such couples from all sides. At times, even friends of such couples give up if they find themselves in tough situations. If you are planning to date a guy or girl who is from a different community, then be prepared for all the good and worst-case scenarios in your life.

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1) You will be taunted by one and all:

If you are dating a girl or guy who is not from your caste or community, there are chances that you will be mocked or taunted by not just your parents or immediate relatives but also your neighbors. Unless you live in a very modern culture or city lifestyle, your chances of getting such opposition are less. However, if you live in a rural or semi-urban area, then be prepared to face all sorts of criticism from your maid to your dad for trying to mate with a girl or guy who is from a different community than yours.

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2) You will never get wholehearted blessings:

There is always one woman or man in your family who will feed all the wrong notions of bringing a guy or girl to your home who is from another community. Your parents will be forced to believe in such rumors and even if they get persuaded by your feelings and emotions, they will never be assured in their minds. They will try to bless you but that won't come from their heart fully because, at the back of their minds, there is a war or doubt-session going on about whether your relationship with your partner who is from another community will last or not.

3) Be prepared to face strictness in the following rituals:

There will always be a woman or a man on both sides of the couple's families who will introduce to you quite strict rituals and traditions that will make you wonder why are you getting into it. Probably, the idea of them is to test your patience and understand if you will stick and follow the rituals for your life or not. Probably, it is also their trap to make you weak and decide to quit the relationship because you no longer can accept the lifestyle of other communities. Whatever it is, be ready to face them and try to fulfill the wishes thinking that this is just a passing phase.

4) Don't rely on anyone else other than your partner:

There are chances that your friends or even relatives may try to bring your partner's or his/her family's reputation down by spreading more rumors about how they live and think. There will also be some evidence collected to assure that your relationship will fail eventually. But no matter what, cross-check all the facts and rely only on your partner more than anyone else because it is with your partner that you will lead your marital life and not their families.