Sexy things about Foreplay you ought to know

Foreplay can include activities like talking about sex, touching the private body parts, kissing each other on the lips and in arousing parts, and cuddling among others.
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Foreplay is also known as outercourse. Foreplay is any sexual activity that occurs before the couple goes through sexual intercourse. Foreplay can be considered to be a warm-up to the main course of sexual action. However, it cannot be guaranteed that foreplay must lead to sexual intercourse. Foreplay can include activities like talking about sex, touching the private body parts, kissing each other on the lips and in arousing parts, and cuddling among others.


Amazing ways to make your foreplay routine spicy


It is indeed true that if you have foreplay, it can make your sexual intercourse more exciting and sizzling. Take, for example, if you kiss your partner on her lips, you both will release feel-good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc. that have the ability to lower the stress levels and make you focus on the sexual activity rather than anything else.

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Foreplay with your partner can also help you to get prepared for sexual intercourse. Because when you enjoy the foreplay activities, your heart starts pounding that lubricates the vagina for the woman thus, making sex more of a pleasurable activity rather than a painful one.

You can start your foreplay by appreciating your partner and sharing how much you love him or her. Keep your talks positive and help your woman reach orgasm by adding foreplay to your relationship. Foreplay can also help deepen your physical and emotional connection with your partner. You can start your sexual activity by sharing how much you miss your partner when he or she is away for work purposes. You can appreciate your partner's facial features like eyes, lips, nose, etc., and how erotic you feel when you hold their hands. 

What does your partner like during foreplay that is unique and you would be able to understand the same only when speaking it up. Some couples may get aroused just by gentle touches while some want to touch each other firmly and more passionately. What works for your body may not work for your partner, so you need to make foreplay pleasurable by sharing what makes you feel lovely when your partner touches you.

Foreplay can be explored not just with the idea of having sexual intercourse. Yes, some people want to cuddle and kiss each other just to have fun and are not keen on having sex. Whatever you do with your partner and whatever your partner does with you has to be with the consent of each other. You need to prove or express your happiness in whatever you both are doing in foreplay.

Some people may not even reach their bed but consider writing romantic letters to each other, sending a passionate text, and preparing a romantic candle-light dinner as some forms of foreplay. These sweet acts actually arouse your partner and make them feel good and loved as well. 

Other acts of foreplay can be: asking your partner to dance with you on a hot number like Tip Tip Barsaa Paani, giving your partner a seductive massage that makes him want to come closer to you, sharing with your partner what sort of sexual activities you want to explore with him or her, watching a sensual movie together especially at night-time, sharing jokes and funny stories while having dinner, taking a morning bath or shower together, helping each other to wear their dresses, kissing as much you want or think is passionate and seductive for your partner.