Lovely tips to spice up your romantic relationship

Here are some interesting ways to increase the romance in your relationship

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When you introduce the words like "but...", "what if", "only if" etc., then the relationship is turning out to be quite a materialistic one and you will soon be drifting away from your partner. You cannot tag yourself as a happy couple if you both are really not happy and feel good in your marriage or romantic relationship. If you really want your relationship to be quite a long-lasting and happy one, you need to ensure to go out on dates, plan for small surprises, flirt in a healthy way, and do something interesting to keep your partner interested and excited.

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Here are some interesting ways to increase the romance in your relationship:

1) Increase your sexual intimacy:

Whether your partner has a low sex drive or not, it is you whom she or he depends on for everything in life, including sexual intimacy. There may be some reasons why you both are not having sex frequently and you need to figure out the "why". You both need to talk it out and even express your affection for each other on a regular basis. If added responsibilities and changing priorities in life have led to decreased sex drive, then work on each thing to ensure have increased sex in the future. 

2) Develop transparency in your relationship:

If you or your partner have been holding back and keeping things to yourself due to various reasons, it is time now to open up and share things that bother you as it is. If you don't like your partner's few habits, sharing them constructively with your partner will help them understand your viewpoints better. No more hide and seek games should be played in your relationship as it will sooner or later hamper the trust and loyalty in your romantic relationship.

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3) Plan and execute:

I have seen many couples coming up with various plans for their dates, honeymoon, vacations, etc. But they always find an excuse of skipping those plans by prioritizing other things in their lives. This eventually affects the understanding of the relationship between the partners. Thus, one needs to make simple plans that can be executed easily. For example, if you plan to take your wife out for a dinner date, keep it simple by going to a nearby restaurant than planning for a place that is quite out of reach.

4) Read, watch, and play together:

You may like to read novels so it is better if you can read them with your partner. Your partner may not like the book you are reading but he or she may be easily fascinated by the time you are spending with them. You can watch a romantic movie that is quite erotic in nature as this will increase the romance in your relationship. You want to try out different ways of getting close to your partner. You can even think about playing different indoor and outdoor games with your partner, whichever you like. 

Apart from these, there are different ways of spicing up the romance in your relationship. You can find your own unique way of adding passion and love to your relationship.