If you are in a toxic relationship with your parents

But no amount of agitation and aggression will solve your problems in your relationship with your parents, please make a kind note of this.
child with parents
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It is out of overcaring and overprotection that parents start dominating and influencing their children's lives in a negative manner. If your parent or both parents are someone who has been taking important decisions in your life on your behalf and not involving you in the decision-making process, you are in a toxic relationship with your parents. But no amount of agitation and aggression will solve your problems in your relationship with your parents, please make a kind note of this.

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As much as you want to enjoy a harmonious relationship with your parents, that much they also want to live peacefully with you. But with the changing dynamics in relationships, and power struggle that happens when children take up a job or marry a life partner of their choice, overprotective and insecure parents seem to be at the losing end. In order to express their sadness about having no control over the children that they gave birth to and raised, they start behaving oddly and sometimes irrationally as well with their children and people related to their children, which can be friends, spouses, and spouses' parents, among others.

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So how to put an end to melodrama that happens in your home on a daily or regular basis? After all, not every family can afford to live separately financially as well as emotionally. You need to start making conscious efforts how to fix your relationship with your parents who appear toxic to you due to their behavior that is working against your betterment and happiness in life.

1) Let go of the past:

Don't keep bringing up the past mistakes made by you or your parents. It is important for you to understand that past has nothing to do with the present. You don't have to have a large heart to forget everything but you can slowly try to forget the mean comments and taunts that had come to your court from your parents because they didn't understand you well. You can start afresh with a positive mindset that will make them feel more secure and closer to you. This can happen only if you are willing to let go of the past and leave the hurtful memories back as they went.

2) It is okay to say sorry:

Apologizing to your parents even if you are not completely wrong won't make you small in life. Saying sorry to your parents will make them feel that you are not interested in the hurtful talks and melodramatic memories in your life. You are willing to move forward with them by just ignoring the wrongdoings of all the parties concerned. You can convince them that you are willing to understand them well and this can happen only if they accept your apologies and start a new beginning.

3) Give them a new perspective in life:

If they are adamant or stubborn on certain things in life, you don't have to aggravate their mental health condition by being more stubborn or back answering them. This will really not go well with them. You can instead convey your message in a soft manner and help them to understand your viewpoint which will also be a win-win for all the family members.