How you can predict if your relationship will last for a lifetime?

This trend is followed by many men and women these days who want to get appreciation instantly for even the small to the big effort that they do for their partner.
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Relationship or couple goals are quite common these days. Like it has become a trend to post each and every update of how rocking a couple you are on social media. It is the likes and emojis that matter to you the most when you pose with your partner in different set-ups and environments. Like even if you are making a coffee for your partner in the kitchen, you may love to post it on Instagram and show caring you are. This trend is followed by many men and women these days who want to get appreciation instantly for even the small to the big effort that they do for their partner.

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Communication has become important in relationships nowadays. So, if your partner has gifted you a pendant on Valentine's Day, there has to be a social media update. If your partner has taken you on a foreign tour then there have to be beach pictures, videos, reels, and whatnot! However, there are some couples who will find very private and are not willing to share how they lead their romantic lives with others. Not sharing with others, including their immediate parents, relatives, and friends about their marital life or romantic relationship don't mean that they don't have their emotional, intimate, and romantic moments. It's just that they like to keep it simple and avoid social media glare and eye on them.

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So, how will you know if you or your partner are riding on the same boat? As in, how will you predict that your relationship is going strong and is destined to last for a lifetime? Well, if you believe in astrology, then just take the horoscopes of you both and show them to them. And if the astrologer is genuine, he will definitely give you clarity on whether there are any hurdles in your relationship or not. If there are none, then congratulations, you have got your Sita if you are Ram and your Sita has got the Ram.

However, if your astrologer gives you predictions that are quite challenging to solve in your relationship, then be prepared to spend a few bucks every now and then to get your marital life in harmony by doing the right rituals and following the given traditions. If you don't believe in astrology and still want to know if your relationship will last for a lifetime or not, then you need to be aware of who you are and who is your partner in a real sense. It is beyond the lovey-dovey poses and I love you moments that you need to dig further to know where you stand in your relationship in today's times.

Like in your weekend conversations or outings with your partner, you can give her or him scenarios to know what they will do if you fall sick in the long run - like managing finances, upbringing children, taking care of household chores, etc. You will not give immediate answers because your partner will not really love to plan for the worst in good times. But knowing her viewpoints every now and then about real-life situations that couples go through, will give you an understanding of how tolerant and patient your partner will become in the future and if your relationship is strong or not.