How to talk about sex problems with your partner

Here are some ways you can share your sex-related problems with your partner.
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Sex is the purest and most blissful feeling. It is not what you think it is shown in some movies or series of no feelings attached to sexual intercourse. Having sex with your partner is a personal choice and decision that has to be taken on a mutual level. However, when it comes to having sex problems, many times partners hesitate to share the same openly thinking about worse-case scenarios. Here are some ways you can share your sex-related problems with your partner.

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1) Talk about it just like any other problem:

The more stressed you look and feel when you share your sex-related secrets and sex-related issues with your partner, the more you are adding negativity to your sexual life. It is better if you keep it simple and straight and share what is bothering you in your sex life. Your problem is your partner's problem as well if you make it easier for them to understand.

2) Speak at the right time:

If your partner has been keeping a low profile for a long time due to his or her own issues, don't add fuel to the fire. You can check out the timing when your partner will feel relaxed and eager to know how you are doing in your life. You can share the exact details from when you are facing sex issues and how you need the support of your partner to overcome the problems.

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3) Talk about sex more:

The more you feel anxious while talking about sex and its related problems with your partner, the more you are showing that there is a lack of transparency and trust in your relationship. So, in order to keep it smooth and easy in your relationship, talk about sex more and quite often. This will break the ice between you both and put you both in a comfortable position to share things about sex as it is without any filters.

4) Avoid the blame game:

If you are facing sex issues or feeling dissatisfied in your sexual life, don't blame your partner for the same. Instead of being a big-time critic and hampering the emotional progress of your relationship, it is better if you own the problems. Don't use sentences like "because of you, I feel this way or I am having this issue." You can speak in an assertive manner without any guilt, regret, or blame saying that "I feel this way and probably I want to fix this sex-related problem with your help". Your partner will be more than happy to help you out because you are not blaming or accusing him or her of anything. Instead, you are finding your partner worthy to help you both overcome the sex-related issues.

5) Seek a sex therapist:

Nowadays counseling and therapy have a lot of advancements. Taking expert advice like a sex therapist or marriage counselor can help you to understand the root cause of your sex-related issues. This will put things in perspective because there is a third person involved who is aware of such issues among couples nowadays and can offer you the right kind of advice.