How to propose to your best friend

If you are madly in love with your best friend, how do you make a proposal that doesn't get rejected due to your friendship? Here are some ways

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Best friends are forever but when friendship turns into a romance that's when the problem arises between the friends. Many times you might have seen best friends parting ways because love comes into the picture. As in the movies also, they show how ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi bhi sirf dost nahi ho sakte. So, what do you do when you have gone crazy about your best friend? How do you tell her that there is more than friendship between you both? If you are madly in love with your best friend, how do you make a proposal that doesn't get rejected due to your friendship? Here are some ways:

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1) Tell her that you no longer can be just friends:

In your love proposal, start with how your friendship has become the need of your life. How you don't get sleep when you don't get her call? How do you feel helpless when you don't meet her? What do you want badly in your life and why do you want to consider her more than just best friends? When you express your honest feelings about why you think your friendship has blossomed into love, she will definitely give a listen to understand.

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2) Be clear and crisp:

Although love knows no boundaries in recent times, your friendship shouldn't break at any cost if she doesn't agree to the proposal. And regarding the same, you need to be very clear during your talks about the proposal. You need to tell her that you are not forcing your love on her but trying to tell her that she has become an important part of your life and there is no way you can think of living separately from her. You can be subjective in your words and thoughts but when it comes to taking a decision, you need to give her a very clear picture of what is it that you want in life and not just run around the bush.

3) Tell her how her role has changed your life:

You can give her examples of how you were before meeting your best friend in your life. How her presence makes you feel good and helps you give your best in other aspects of your life, needs to be mentioned in your love proposal. You need to ensure that she feels special about being in love with you and not just agrees because she doesn't want to feel sad about you or break your heart. Tell her to be more open about her feelings and give her time to take the decision. But keep a timeline so that none of you just keep delaying the friendship turned into romance.

Last but not the least, if she tells you that she thinks of you only as a best friend and nothing else, so don't get angry that time. Give her a smile and drop her back home. You can contemplate how you can reconsider your love proposal to your best friend by distracting yourself with other things in life. After all, not all love stories need to have a happy ending! Maybe you will thank her after a decade for turning down your proposal as someone else might be written in your destiny!