How to gain her trust when she has a doubting personality

So, it is not going to be really easy for you to win her heart and gain her trust if your wife or partner has a doubting personality.

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Image by N-Y-C from Pixabay

Women are usually tough nuts to manage (at least on the outside). Women weren't so in the olden days as you might have even heard in the songs how the lyricist would describe a woman as soft like a flower and beautiful like the moon. However, as the injustice and violence against women started rising, women started becoming more tougher and challenging to deal with. So, it is not going to be really easy for you to win her heart and gain her trust if your wife or partner has a doubting personality.

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1) Be open and transparent:

The reason women ask so many questions to their partners and appear to be bossy and dominant at times is that they don't want to feel cheated. Considering the kind of stories that goes around in the world wherein men desert their wives after many years of marriage for other women or for some other reasons, women are trained to be quite an alert right from the start. This can be due to the influence of such women in their lives who keep telling stories against men which makes them trust their men less. So, you can take the effort to be quite open and transparent in all your matters so that she doesn't feel unsafe or insecure if you missed her call or didn't revert back on time.

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2) Don't blame and neither take the blame on you:

If your woman is a pro at accusing you of all the faults that are happening in her life, then avoid taking the blame on you. At the same time, don't make it look like it is her fault always. Your wife needs someone who puts things in perspective and that can happen only if you communicate without taking anyone's sides. The more you give her clarity in life about why things are not working for her in any area of her life including her marriage or relationship, the more she will start realizing your importance and gain confidence about your role in her life.

3) Take things easy and don't become serious:

This is as simple as it sounds! But difficult to implement especially if you are someone who knows to take everything to your heart. But if you really want your woman to be happy, then you have to learn the practice of hearing from one ear and removing all the things that you heard from the other ear. No wonder that's why God has given everyone two ears. Accha suno, accha bolo. Burai ko bahar jaane do. So, if you don't get hurt when is having really a bad mood, she will be able to confide in you more and share whatever is happening in her life without any filters. This will make your relationship blossom into happiness.

Winning the trust of a woman is a lifelong journey because you cannot get what you want in one go. So, keep putting in your efforts so that eventually she removes all her insecurities and doubts about you and comes to you with a big smile and lots of love.