How to deal with an emotionally dependent partner

 Living with an emotionally dependent partner is not a crime but neither it is an easy job. 
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If your partner is someone who often cries when you say you want to go to your mom's place for a few days' stay or is someone who always wants you to give your attention to him, then you are living with someone who is emotionally dependent on the other. Living with an emotionally dependent partner is not a crime but neither it is an easy job. You need to be alert all the time to your thoughts, actions, behavior, and even what you speak to them because at the end of the day, get calculated by your partner as to what sort of emotions you are showing towards them.

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So, if you get 30 calls in case you don't pick up the phone as you are in an office meeting, then you shouldn't be surprised. Because your emotionally dependent partner has the quality to want to get attention from you all the time. If you are late to your home from your office and your partner hasn't eaten food just because he was waiting for you, then you shouldn't be shocked because that is one of his qualities that you should be dealing with.

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If your partner is adamant that you will not do anything without his awareness or knowledge, then there are high chances that your partner is emotionally vulnerable and lives under the fear of losing you or facing rejection from you at any point in his life. Well, there are several ways through which you can sort this emotional dependency on your partner but here I will list a few of them for you to begin with in your relationship journey.

1) Communicate clearly with your partner. Never keep things hidden just because you are afraid that your partner will not like them one day. Transparency is required in any relationship to sustain all good and bad days. So, make sure you communicate all the information and knowledge that you have about life, career, kids, social circle, and sex life, among others with your partner in a crisp and clear manner so that he understands them well. Any emotional bonding is based on the truthfulness of the relationship and you need to keep that bonding happening based on your honesty and loyalty.

2) Live life to the fullest. Probably your partner has a lot of negative emotions that are stopping him to live a full life. You can always show a brighter side of whatever events happened in your life and his life so that he comes out of the gloomy zone and learns to live in the present moment. You can celebrate each win with a full heart rather than thinking this is all childish or rubbish in life. Respect his views and feelings too when required because that will help you both gain a trustworthy relationship in the long run.

3) Express your emotions as they are without hurting your partner. You need to be careful about your emotional boundaries as well. Like you cannot cry like your partner and that needs to be conveyed to him mentioning how you also have feelings but get them expressed in a different manner.