How to convince yourself not to go for divorce

People have forgotten their values, their culture, and their ideas of living together and are now getting influenced by a 'break culture'.
man and woman breaking heart
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Divorce and separation are the norms of today's times. Take any newspaper and you will find daily at least one couple's news of separation or parting ways or filing for divorce. Such is today's times that crimes in marriages and relationships have also increased for the worse. People have forgotten their values, their culture, and their ideas of living together and are now getting influenced by a 'break culture'.

6-month separation period not valid if couple seeks divorce mutually: Raj HC

Honestly, ask yourself and tell yourself what are you going to do with so many houses that were built by your parents or in-laws, what is the worth of the bank balance the gold or diamond jewelry that your spouse made for you when you think of such a bad idea of 'divorce'. Is material wealth greater than the mental happiness that comes with living together and being happy? 

What is Market Culture?

Are couples parting ways so easier said than done? No, I am not against couples who have found another love in their life or have some illness that they don't want to reveal and are parting ways for genuine reasons. But I am against those couples who are parting ways for materialistic reasons. Like I have a friend who moved to Delhi for her new job against the wishes of her in-laws and husband and her husband is now planning to file for a divorce.

Are relationships that weak in the modern times that the storming phase cannot be faced by the couples? If you or your partner have such ideas about going for a divorce, here are some ways to rethink your decision and consider moving back with your partner to start afresh.

1) Talk about what is bothering you:

Many times we reveal our stress by pinpointing mistakes, blaming our partner for no fault of his or her, and even comparing ourselves with other couples who are only friendly for their social media likes. But this takes the attention away from what is really making you feel worse in the relationship. You can share things as they are without hurting your partner and that can be done in the form of letters and emails if face-to-face communication is something that you are unable to bear.

2) Stop yourself from getting into extremes:

If you have been thinking negatively only, you are going to extremes because you cannot end a relationship in a bad state of mind. What you may be a misunderstanding about your partner would be based on your ill perceptions or negative viewpoints. Your partner may genuinely want to do a lot for you but your behavior may have hurt him or her in the past which is actually stopping you both to get together.

3) Consult a therapist:

If you are getting influenced by someone or a group of people to file for your divorce, remember they are not going to be there with you till the end. So, in order to get a neutral point of view on your marriage, you both can go to a marriage counselor or therapist and help yourself to come out of the divorce thinking hurdle.