How not having sex can really impact your health

Here are some things that you should be aware of if you are not having a satisfying sex life.
woman lying on bed

Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

Having sex is an important aspect of your romantic relationship or marital life. Not having sex on a regular basis like weekly or monthly can really have an impact on your physical and mental health. Just imagine how your partner would feel if he or she doesn't get the needed love from you on a regular basis. Even for that matter, how you would feel when you don't enjoy a satisfying sex life? Here are some things that you should be aware of if you are not having a satisfying sex life.

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1) Not having regular sex can probably make you and your partner anxious. Anxiety is one of the rising problems in today's world. Especially where now couples are open about their affection and love status on social media and other online platforms, it becomes really disappointing when you see their lovey-dovey photos on a regular basis on the internet and you don't get the same kind of affection at home from your partner. It can give rise to negative thought patterns and also lead to frequent quarrels between the partners.

Mental Health problems at the workplace

2) Not having regular sex can make you feel stressed out most of the time leading to various physical and mental health issues. Like if you are stressed, you won't feel happier and more energetic in life. You won't be motivated to burn calories by doing yoga or exercise. This will put you in a shapeless and unattractive state, thus making your sex life more complicated. You won't believe but having regular sex can actually help you to have good weight control as it is a good workout that burns your excess calories.

3) Regular sex is said to improve your memory and keep you quite active in life. Whereas, not having sex at all can really affect your memory levels because you find life so uninteresting that laziness will creep into your life and make you more forgetful and boring.

4) When you both have regular sex that can be at least once a week or month, you establish a trust-worthy relationship with your partner who also connects with your emotional problems. Your partner will be more understanding towards you because he or she feels more loved and caring. You both will sleep well after having sex and this will help you feel more clear and more confident in your life.

5) Stopping sex by both partners can cause a lot of physical health issues like low sex drive, vagina-related issues in women, and even erectile dysfunction in men. You can consult a sex therapist if you think your sex life needs a boost and understand what things can be done to improve your relationship and set new goals. 

See sex is not just a physical thing that needs external stimulation. Sex is consent from both partners to get into a physical activity that involves a lot of sharing of emotions and pleasure. So, it is better you talk it out with your partner about how you can regain your sex life and make it a vital part of your relationship again.