Do you believe in love at first sight?

I was a teenager when I got to know that my friends who are girls were in love with the boys in my class. 
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Normally couples who fall in love, at first sight, don't really stay together for a lifetime. Well, I am not saying based on any research but based on the examples I saw in my life. I was a teenager when I got to know that my friends who are girls were in love with the boys in my class. In my group, there were six girls, and all of them were liking someone who was a senior or was in the same class. When probed further, they said that they fell in love the first time they met each other and got introduced. However, now all my six friends who are girls have already moved on in their lives and married partners of their choice or out of the arrangements made by their parents.

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Love, at first sight, is usually a myth as per my experience. Because I didn't find love stories in reality wherein the couple who got connected to each other at the first moment stayed together for a long period. Some differences came in their way and they called it quits. Some say that parents didn't agree and some say that this kind of fairytale romance only happens in movies. So, what is your love story? Is it something like a hero meets a heroine, solves her life's problems, and everything gets settled on its own so that they can live happily forever? Or are you someone who has gone through a really tough breakup but couldn't move on just because it is difficult to forget your past love? Share your comments if you have fallen in love for the first time and won your battle in love.

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Love is such a precious feeling that knows no boundaries. Like you may get attracted to a small child who is yearning for love from parents, well-wishers, and relatives. A small child wants you to cuddle it and shower all the praises on it so that it falls asleep well. It doesn't know to distinguish between what is good and what is bad and that's why well-wishers and parents need to step into the picture so that the small child grows up well.

So, even if you are living alone and have not found romantic love yet, try sharing your love and affection with a genuine heart with small children. In today's times, romantic relationships are falling apart because things are becoming too complicated to handle. The first thing when a man and woman mate and look forward to their relationship is how they will share household and financial responsibilities. With the changing times, roles are also changing wherein women are quite independent and have their own way of dealing with housework and even finances. So, even when relationships don't last long, I can tell you that the way men and women are evolving in terms of giving their love to someone has drastically changed. Consider sponsoring a child's education if you are married and don't have children or are single for a lifetime and see how you will explore the true meaning of love in your life.