Bollywood songs to dance with your partner this Navratri

Here are some lovely songs that you can groove to and put your best dance steps to
man and woman dancing
Image from Pixabay

Navratri - the festival of love and courage is here. Looking for some dandiya dance ideas with your partner? Whether you are planning to take part in the Dandiya programs this year or looking for ideas to spend quality time with your partner at home this Navratri season, here are some lovely songs that you can groove to and put your best dance steps to. You can also use these songs to confess your true love for your partner. Some songs are also meant to woo your partner and make him dance to your tunes. Scroll below.

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1) Bindiya Chamke:

This song by Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam is from the film Tumko Naa Bhool Payenge. The film and the song video feature Dia Mirza at her best and Salman Khan dancing to her tunes. The song is about confessing how the couple loves each other and has dedicated their lives to each other's betterment. Hum Ho Gaye Tumhare.... O Re Sajan... tohe maari Kasam..... Maang ma bhar de Taare! is the ideal line for you to tell your partner and enjoy the dance.

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2) Dholida:

Undoubtedly, the song is ideal for the Navratri season. Whether you know the dandiya steps or not, you can simply watch the song from the film Loveyatri and make your partner match your steps. Sung by Udit Narayan, Neha Kakkar, Palak Muchchal & Raja Hassan, the song's lyrics are amazing. 

Sanan sanan jaaye re jiya

Garbe ki raat mein

Choodi khankayi toone

Aadhi hi baat mein x (2)

3) O Re Gori:

This song from the blockbuster film Lagaan is actually one that is romantic as well and you can put some steps for Dandiya. O Re Gori... maine pyaar tumhi se kiya..... and the English lyrics that follow in the song. You can put slow steps or just ON the song and keep staring at your partner to make him feel loved and cared.

4) Udi Udi Jaayein:

How can we miss this song from the film Raees, which is one of the hit films in Shah Rukh Khan's career? Bhoomi Trivedi, Karsan Sargathiya, and Sukhwinder Singh have given their voices to this beautiful song. This song gives you goosebumps when you check out the lyrics and also try to put on some easy steps to enjoy the festival of Navratri.

5) Radha Kaise Na Jale:

Well, if your Krishna is looking for what the other girls are wearing out there in the Garba or Dandiya Nights? Then this is an ideal song for your jealous mood. You can sing the song even if it not playing on your music list, as the lyrics will fit best for making your Kanha realize how much you love him and get jealous when he doesn't give you the required attention. The song is from the film Lagaan and features Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh in the lead roles. So, if you are his Chand, make him realize your importance and get him moving on the floor!