Know how to manage your sex headache

There are no fixed symptoms for sex headaches because the headache may occur during sexual intercourse or orgasm. 
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Sex headaches are usually a result of the sexual activity between you and your partner. Sexual headaches can make you feel having a dull pain in your head and neck that arises as sexual excitement also raises. Do not worry as sexual headaches are not dangerous and may be due to an underlying issue or headache disorder that you may be often having. There are no fixed symptoms for sex headaches because the headache may occur during sexual intercourse or orgasm. If the headache is quite severe, one may also start vomiting, feel like they are getting unconscious, and suffer from neck pain, weakness, and numbness among others.

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Some medical professionals may suggest you treatment for sex headaches as similar to that of a normal headache. While some physicians may give you a prescription of specific medicines if there are any underlying health issues that may trigger sex headaches again. Here we will talk about two types of sex headaches such as a headache that occurs while having sex that leads up to orgasm and another is a headache that occurs during orgasm.

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In a preorgasmic headache, the person may get a dull headache on the head's back on both sides that slowly gets worse with an increase in sexual excitement. This type of headache may appear for up to 30 minutes or more than two to three hours. In orgasmic headaches, the person may get a major headache issue just during or before reaching orgasm. This will lead to a huge head pain that may later spread to the whole head. This kind of headache may last for more than three hours and can also be there for two to three days.

Usually, sex headaches happen in males, individuals who are in their middle age, and people already having other headache issues such as migraines, tension headaches, and exertional headaches among others. The exact reason for primary sex headaches is not really known but it is believed that the flow of blood changes while having sex that leads to this issue.

Take enough rest after having sexual activity if you start facing sex headaches. You can take a day off or plan your sexual activity to be done on a weekend so that you don't have other commitments to follow the immediate next day. You can even consult a doctor if your symptoms of sex headache are too difficult to handle. You can do some mindfulness or meditation or listen to soothing music if the headache is too painful.

Eat a nutritious diet and avoid oily, spicy, and junk foods for some days till your symptoms of sex headache come to normal. Do not take painkillers even if the health professional hasn't been advised for the same. You can consider going for natural remedies and taking good quality sleep and rest to manage the symptoms of your sex headache. Do take the help and support of your partner and make her realize how spending time with her can make you feel relaxed and calm in life.