How to keep your long-distance relationship healthy

Here are some tips to ensure that you are leading a healthy long-distance relationship.
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Long-distance relationships are quite the new norm nowadays. There were olden times when out of 10 couples, only 1 couple might have maintained their relationship in a long-distance manner. But nowadays due to the nature of various jobs and professions, men and women both want to take up their careers in different cities but still maintain their relationships and keep them intact. Here are some tips to ensure that you are leading a healthy long-distance relationship.

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1) Be an honest communicator:

Irrespective of the fact that your relationship has been made official or you are married or not, you both being in a relationship is a sacred thing. So, if you both are living in different cities, ensure that you communicate on a regular basis and keep things open and honest. Do not lie to your partner thinking that he or she will never get to know you as they don't stay with you or in the same city. You both are a couple because of some commonness and some differences but that shouldn't stop you from being an honest companion.

2) Keep things simple:

Don't overcomplicate things if your partner didn't come to meet you on your birthdays, anniversaries, or special days because they have a different life commitment in your long-distance relationship. You need to set aside some quality time for each other and that time has to be comfortable for you both. No guilt trips and no emotional blackmailing as these things are unhealthy for the future of your long-distance relationship. 

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3) Keep time for intimacy:

If your relationship has room for privacy, then ensure that you do take time from your busy lives to come together at a physically intimate and sexual level. Do not fall into the trap that not having sex or not sharing the bed together can create troubles in your relationship. It is completely the call and consent of you both. You shouldn't force the other person to get intimate just for the sake of maintaining your long-distance relationship. 

4) Share your secrets even if your partner gets upset:

First of all, you shouldn't think of keeping any secrets from your partner. But you may think that your partner may not like you doing certain things that are required for you to be done at the moment. For example, helping a friend who is in need of money, assisting a person who doesn't gel well with your partner, etc. In such cases, show your humanity and make sure some time off to tell your partner why you felt doing such kind acts were important. Don't worry even if it upsets your partner as he or she will understand you well and also feel special to know your secrets.

5) Have enough patience and give each other some thinking space:

Being in a long-distance relationship doesn't mean that you have to share what you ate, what time you slept, where you are currently etc. all the time. It may or may not work in the long-term as eventually, you both will get bored of addicting each other's daily life stories. So, it is better you patiently wait for the important updates from your partner and also allow him or her to have the thinking space to make important decisions in life.