Amazing ways to make your foreplay routine spicy

Continue reading to understand how you can add foreplay as an important part of your sexual routine and also explore its benefits at a physical and emotional level.
woman on bed
Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

Couples who enjoy foreplay before having sexual intercourse are the ones who connect emotionally and physically well. Foreplay is not just for first-time players of sex but even for the ones who have a good sex life. Continue reading to understand how you can add foreplay as an important part of your sexual routine and also explore its benefits at a physical and emotional level.

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When you do something that is sexually arousing to your wife, it will help her lubricate and that will help you get and maintain an erection. As per studies, it has been found that when a man is finding it challenging to achieve a climax, he may indulge in foreplay before sex to make things easier. Women may feel ecstatic when foreplay is a regular part of sex. For example, a woman may feel aroused due to foreplay thus making the vaginal muscles pull the uterus up a little. This will make more space and help you both enjoy pleasurable sex. Sex can become uncomfortable for many women if foreplay doesn't happen.

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Foreplay can additionally help a couple improve their bonding and make both the partners connect emotionally and also feel excited throughout their sexual intercourse and activity. You may not know what your partner loves and wants during the foreplay process and thus, it is important that you both communicate about the same. Couples who spend enough time seeing each other, and talking to each other can have better foreplay and feel aroused while getting touched, kissed, and caressed among others.

There is no right or wrong way of foreplay and you don't have to spend a lot of time kissing, cuddling, or stroking just before you move to the bed and have sex. Foreplay for a few minutes like up to 10 to 20 minutes is enough for your bodies to warm up. You can focus first on kissing and touching the inner thighs, kissing the breasts, and then moving towards the genitals of your partner.

Some of the ways of better foreplay include playing sex games that allows you both to have rules and guidelines on what you both can do to each other. You both can talk dirty and even share how you feel when you both are naked. You can get close by touching and holding each other's body parts, taking a shower together, dancing to a sizzling number, etc. 

Massaging with oil or flavored lotion can also help your partner feel good and relaxed. You can even pour ice cream or chocolate on your partner's body and start tasting it. You can lick off and make your partner feel more loved. 

You can touch your wife or lover's face and pour as many kisses as you can. You can tickle her arms and rub your body against hers. You can say romantic one-liners that will make her more aroused and feel good about being your partner. You can even watch a sultry movie or video before your sexual intercourse as that will keep you both aroused for a longer period.