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Redditor’s promotion means less work comment, goes viral

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If you want to grow in your profession, getting a promotion is one of the most important things. Promotion not just brings a lot of financial benefits but also makes a person take more responsibilities and contribute more to the company he is working for. A post on Reddit has got attention on the internet as a user on Reddit shared what he thinks about getting a promotion in the corporate world. The Redditor shared that a higher position in the company means the person has to work less.

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An individual on Reddit wrote, “Just realized the higher you go up the corporate ladder, the less you work.” The user himself who got promoted further wrote, “Recently got promoted and I’m doing even less work now than I was before for higher pay”.

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Netizens found the post to be quite controversial. They gave a variety of comments with some also opposing the opinion of the user. The work-related post found the below comments.

“You do less of the mentally straining work too. Usually when managers say how busy they are it’s because their schedules are full of meetings. Back to back meetings,” said one user. The original poster replied to this comment, “In my case, I got promoted to a Senior Analyst. The issues I have to deal with are more complicated but there’s a lot less of them.” 

Another user asked the poster, “But is it actually less work, or just less time doing analytics and more time doing coordination, budget, management, etc.?” 

Another user added, “It’s not just corporate jobs, it’s all of them.” A fourth individual wrote, “You work less now because you’re getting paid for your expertise not your time.”

The post got more than 11,000 upvotes within a day’s time of getting posted on Reddit. What do you think about the user and his opinion of getting promoted at work?

Realistically, if a person climbs up the corporate ladder and gets promoted, he is financially and professionally liable for a lot of risks that the company bestows upon him. For example, if a Risk professional gets promoted to the post of Risk Manager, he may not have a lot of desk work because that gets done by his team but he has to oversee a lot of operational efficiencies and ensure there is co-ordination between his team and the Board of Directors or Managers of other department. 

Getting any promotion means not just having a fancy title but also taking up the responsibility of the position which comes with both pros and cons. A person has to improve his skills if he is taking a bigger and better job position. Although the post on Reddit was quite funny to read in the real world, it doesn’t work that way. People at the bottom may always think that people in higher positions may have less work and are enjoying a lot of material benefits but that comes with skills, knowledge, aptitude, and willingness to lead in the challenging world.


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