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Reasons Why You Need To Stop Excess Salt Intake

Excess Salt Intake

Lifestyle Desk – Salt adds flavor to our food, it makes the food tasty and satisfies our taste buds. Salt is healthy unless consumed in excess quantity. Excess salt intake can create problems that can disturb your life.

If you take it in the right amount it can help nerves and muscles for better functioning and balance fluid in the body. However, many people take an excessive amount of it. If you are the one, then stop it right now. There are so many side-effects which are followed as.


Excess amount of salt increases water retention. It holds water in the body and thus person feels puffier, swollen, or shows signs of bloating.

Increased thirst

Salt tends to make people thirsty, though there is no such kind of research that can support this fact. But it a person can become thirsty due to eating salty food items.

Stop Excess Salt Intake

Increase blood pressure

When people intake excessive salt the flow of water increases in the bloodstream as salts pull water into your body thus it increases blood pressure.


When people intake excessive salt it triggers the immune system of a person and they could feel itchy and inflamed. Though scientific data is limited about the subject.

Kidney Stones

Excess salt can increases the production of calcium in the urine which leads to developing kidney stones.


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