Why open communication between parent-child can solve major problems?

Open communication aids in effective communication in relationships, thus making it long-lasting and promoting mutual understanding and harmony.
mother and child
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Open communication is when two parties involved in the communication process share all the important information in a transparent and honest manner so that they can understand each other's situations and also know what their role is all about. In open communication, there is no hidden agenda or misunderstandings involved. Open communication aids in effective communication in relationships, thus making it long-lasting and promoting mutual understanding and harmony.

What is Informal Communication?

Parents and child relationship is one of the most important relationships in the world. Be it any era, parents are the ones who are the first love and caregivers to their children. Parents are the ones who teach their children good values and also help them learn important information, skills, and knowledge that makes their children educated and employable. Parents always aim for children's happiness and satisfaction and that's why they really work hard no matter what situation they are in.

How to feel satisfied in relationships?

However, when misunderstandings arise, the base of the relationship becomes weak and fragile. But parents should keep aiming for building a good relationship with their children no matter what. As now times are changing, children are getting exposed to a lot of knowledge and information on the internet and even among their peers. Children face tough competition on all fronts thus making them feel stressed at times.

Thus, parents should be willing to understand their children's viewpoints and give them a listening ear instead of rearing them in a very strict background. Parents should act as friends with their children so that the children can reciprocate the same love and affection with full confidence. Children are tender at heart and thus, parents should set the right example in front of them while performing their duties and also taking their rights.

If children make any mistakes, parents shouldn't dominate and push them in a harsh manner. Instead, parents should encourage open communication lines among the children so that if they are in any problem, they come running to their parents and share whatever is happening with them as it is. Children need not hide any vital information from their parents if their parents are more affectionate and express themselves freely.

Children also should understand that their parents have certain limitations and are not there only to fulfill the children's wishes always. Certain things children should also give up so that the bonding between parents and children is strong and no third person can come between them to break the relationship.

Children must freely express their views, thoughts, and opinions without having any fear of scolding or hurting by their parents. In exchange, parents should always lend a supporting hand to children to help them do whatever they want to do in the right manner. Children and parents' relationships can be made strong and long-lasting when there is effective communication in terms of written and verbal as well. For example, if a child has gone for an outing and is returning home late, instead of hiding his delay reaching home, he can just SMS his parents about his whereabouts and give them the assurance that he is safe and will reach soon.