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Morning rituals that are too simple to ignore for your health


Morning rituals that are too simple to ignore for your health

Ayurveda that has been existent in India for ages is gaining quite a lot of attention among youngsters nowadays. After all, who wants to fall sick at a young or mid-age and bother others or become dependent? Here are some morning rituals that are suggested by Ayurveda that are quite simple enough to be included in your daily lifestyle and ensure you lead a positive life.

Want to wake up quite energetic and fresh then these morning activities are quite vital to help you clean your body from within and get the required energy to be active throughout the day and be a part of the changing world.

1) Elimination of whatever is inside your body in the morning hours is quite important. Your bowels, bladder, and any place where the toxins have been accumulated such as ears, nose, and mouth need to be removed when you wake up and that will help you feel fresh through the day.

2) Scraping your tongue helps one clean it and with the help of a tongue cleaner, you can get it done in a gentle manner and not harshly as our tongues are quite sensitive and we should deal with it carefully.

3) Massage yourself on a daily basis with the help of oil or just with your hands while bathing helps to increase blood circulation in the body and give strength to your body and prevent from injury.

4) Any type of exercise will help you ensure that your muscles are strong and you too get feelings of activeness and energy in the right manner. If you don’t know any Yogasana, no problem, just start with Surya Namaskar – 11 a day and see the beautiful change it brings to your body and mind.

5) Breathe properly and ensure to spend at least five to 10 minutes every day on meditation. You never know how this small practice can help you a lot to handle your emotions and not get carried away by everyday stress and anxiety.

6) Lemon tea, plain tea, green tea, ginger tea are some types of herbal teas that are said to remove the digestive toxins from your body and keep your system clean.

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