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Love always wins over jealousy


Love always wins over jealousy

If you have ever fallen in true love, you will know how you have overcome the troubled waters to sustain the journey of love in romantic relationships, affections with parents, children, siblings, etc. Love is a natural feeling that you get when you truly like a person for who they are and what they do. You are bound to be affectionate towards your children even if they back answer you and make things difficult for you in your life.

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Jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, anger, etc. are some of the extreme negative emotions that can ruin any relationship at a personal or professional level. For example, if you became friends newly with a person in your college and you found that everything was going great at the start but you eventually realized that your friend is getting jealous over your marks or knowledge, then you feel insecure about her or him. In such a case, the bond that was as special in the beginning gets entangled in jealousy and thus, creates more misunderstandings, and you both part ways for your betterment.

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But remember the bond that you shared was true and not a fake one and that attracts you again towards each other over a period of time when you both move on in your lives and do different things. Jealousy is never a permanent feeling, it arises out of the various suppressed negative emotions that get expressed in challenging situations of our lives. In the end, we feel like we wasted our time just like that on blaming and accusing each other of nonsensical things in our life.

We can either allow jealousy to take over us or we can express our feelings openly and take a break from the relationship so that we can bond with each other well again. Love is true but jealousy and hatred are not natural and are the negative evil influences that make us lose out on a lot of good things in life and hence, we should always allow love to triumph over jealousy.

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