Looking at the Positive side in Coronavirus crisis

LifestyleLooking at the Positive side in Coronavirus crisis


Coronavirus is everywhere. Everyone seems to be thinking, reading and talking about it. Right from the milkman or sweeper (kachrawala) who knocks our doors in the morning to the news channels or television shows that we keep seeing till late night, the scare of coronavirus is all over.

But you know what, every coin has two sides. Well, I am not saying Coronavirus is for the good. But looking at the positive side in the times of crisis is what is called ‘wisdom’.

Here I list 5 positive effects of Coronavirus of COVID-19:

1)      Right from a small child to an old man, be it any class, caste, community, everyone now knows what basic hygiene is. It feels great to see people wash hands before eating food, after coming out of the loo etc.

2)      Since many companies all over India are allowing their employees to work from home, this allows youngsters, middle-age people to spend time with their children and old parents. It’s like enjoying family time with official permission.

3)      Since all events, concerts, seminars, conferences, parties, public gatherings stands cancelled or postponed, we would save a lot of money, which can be utilized in a fruitful way in future.

4)      We are learning the importance of NATURE and realizing that we all are nothing in front of NATURE, as it has its own way of revealing life’s secrets.

5)      We are being taught that helping each other in difficult times can build a happier world for all.

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