Know how you can live a king-size life like Salman Khan

LifestyleKnow how you can live a king-size life like Salman Khan


Well, if you are thinking I am here to give you some financial or acting tips to make a mark like Salman Khan in your career, then no, this article is not about his celebrity status or the wealth that he has accumulated over the years. This article is by a fan on how you can live a king-size life like the superstar by following his values and principles that he even promotes in his films.

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Salman Khan has been in the film industry for more than 30 years. He has seen everything in his personal and professional life in these three decades. From accusations by his ex-girlfriends to controversies to legal cases to big-time failures at the box office to people accusing him of his ego and attitude, he has heard, read, and seen them all. But still, he continues to come back to his audience with the films that he believes are made for his fans and not for critics or logic-minded people.

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Salman Khan has his own swag and style that he has created on his own and it relates to all of the hero characters that he plays on the screen. The actor has experimented with everything in his career from family dramas, action, thrillers, comedy, and even horror. He tried everything to know what works for his fans and then came up with his own formula for making and presenting movies.

So, if you are someone who didn’t enjoy the Eid celebrations in the last two years just because you felt incomplete without a Salman Khan release, then you are a die-hard Salman fan. I remember watching his film Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo on the big screen wherein I was wondering how he could pull off such a simple character with so much ease. Then when I read his interviews, he said he adores his director Sooraj Barjatya like his long-time friend and gave his best because for him, working with friends comes with ease rather than working with big-time directors who want him to ACT and not just be himself.

Salman doesn’t lose hope in small failures or even big-time threats. Last week, I went through news reports of how he is keeping his cool despite getting death threats from a community. Isn’t that the attitude of a superstar like him who is willing to work despite being feared for his life? Salman wants things in his own way but doesn’t force others to follow his suit. For example, he has always been frank about his personal life and career choices and never kept anything hidden. Be it his case or romantic life, he has always expressed himself and been frank with his opinions to anyone and everyone he meets.

He is really a king, no I am not judging based on his wealth or box-office numbers, but his philanthropic work and the family that he lives within the same building having his parents, siblings, and their children all under one roof. He believes in giving and encouraging others to show their best. He is never afraid to lose his stardom status and that’s why you can see how he comes very easily ahead to support budding actors and actresses without any practical gain in his mind.

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