Learn about life from each person you meet in your journey

But now she said she feels that life is so temporary and there is nothing called "permanent" in this world.
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Our journey is a wonderful thing. Like life is not the same always. You might have seen how you have evolved and changed in your life over the last three years. I was interacting with my aunt when she said how life has become so fragile. She notably mentioned at her age of 70 that before the pandemic, she used to think that we just have to live for 10 or more years and do our duties. But now she said she feels that life is so temporary and there is nothing called "permanent" in this world.

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The life experiences she dealt with managing different people and relationships have been huge. A person who started taking responsibilities at a very young age makes them more hard-hearted as years pass by. Deep inside her life's experiences lay the pain that was too much to handle and it got manifested in various forms of fears and worries that ruled her life after the age of 60s. 

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But I cannot forget how she mentioned the other day when my uncle was hospitalized that we should think of one day and live for the day, that's it. The more we use our brains in thinking about what will happen in our future, how we will be taken care of, and who will come into our life is so useless. Because it takes the majority of our productive time that can be used to do meaningful things like helping others and caring for each other.

She notably told me to consider each person's journey in my life as a life lesson so that I can learn something new or unique from them and carry on with my life without any major trouble. Wisdom lies in learning from others' experiences about life rather than wasting time on doing unnecessary drama and negative thinking.

It is true we waste so much time on things that are not required for us in the actual sense. We keep buying stuff for our homes and loved ones thinking that it will be of use to them. But eventually, they get rid of such things because no one likes to keep things in excess in their homes. How about spending 10% of your income on needy people who really want something important in their lives? How about lending a helping hand to someone who needs physical or emotional support in their testing times?

These situations are what maketh a man. It is important that one believes in actions more than just speaking rosy words. If you are committed to your job, loyal to your loved ones, and understanding of society, you will not face a lot of troubled times in your life. All you will find is peace and happiness in your life with the various experiences that you gain from different types of people in your life.

Life is a temporary journey, you just won't know what will happen the next moment. So why fret and worry and just take each day, one at a time.