Know How Mind Distraction can heal your pain

She had six children who were only teenagers and she had no job. 
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Mind Distraction is a wonderful concept when it comes to healing pain and agony in life. For example, if you are going through a severe loss in your life, I am sure you would be having a lot of frustration and irritation inside you. You would want to at times even stop initiating any new ideas in your life because you feel your life is already a mess. I will tell you a story of a woman who was in her 40s when her husband passed away. She had six children who were only teenagers and she had no job. It was her husband's government job that helped her elder daughter grab the job and take responsibility for the family.

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The woman in her 40s was full of grief in her thoughts and ways of living as she was missing her late husband badly and didn't know her purpose in life. But looking at her teenage children, she decided not to let her negative mind control her life. She started teaching her children good academics and eventually helped them complete their education in life. When she was not sobbing about her life's tragedies or how she was dealing with her husband's loss, she would distract her mind with the duties of a mother towards her children.

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She helped her children grow strongly by instilling courage and bravery in them. She read inspiring books to her children to not give up in life and focus on their karma more than anything else. She also said that life is full of ups and downs, but they shouldn't stop at the struggle period but instead take more positive energy inside them to work more and achieve more in life. Her children all grew up to be mature individuals and got good jobs in private and government organizations.

Every time she achieved success in raising her children well, she thanked her husband for guiding her to look after her children well and heal the hell lot of pain that was inside her. She cried instantly whenever her children would come to her with some good news. But this crying was not out of pain but out of happiness that she has raised her children well as per her husband's expectations. 

This woman didn't need any therapy or counseling but she used the technique of mind distraction whenever the feelings of depression and hopelessness would come to her. She would use the free time she would get when her children went to the office by searching for good life partners for them. She would never tell her children to do something for her but their love and affection towards her helped her heal the pain in life. 

From this woman what we learn is when we feel that life has come to an end, take responsibility that will keep our minds distracted. When you feel shattered and hopeless, think about making a meaningful change in others' lives and see how this mind diversion will help you heal all your pain. This pain can be put to good use by uplifting and improving others' lives and thus, it will get healed naturally.