How to reduce loneliness among seniors

For example, the elderly feeling lonely is not something that you would be able to relate to because that is a difficult phase in old age.
elderly couple cycling

Image by  Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

You may or may not know what loneliness feels like. If you are very a happy-go-lucky person who has not seen struggles in your life, then it is probably due to the kind of protection and safeguards you have received from your near and dear ones. However, loneliness is a feeling that can occur even if things appear good in a person's life. For example, the elderly feeling lonely is not something that you would be able to relate to because that is a difficult phase in old age.

People are handing out badges at Tube stations to tackle loneliness

Just imagine how an elderly woman feels when she has no one to talk to in her home because her aged husband passed away recently, leaving her all alone to face the world. Loneliness can make seniors feel lethargic, just making them lose interest in everyday life activities. Eventually, seniors living alone may also face problems like memory loss, lack of physical activities, improper vision, limited movements, etc. 

All that elderly people need is CARE

Although retirement homes are on the rise considering children go out of the city or country to fulfill their work achievements, all elderly men or women living alone may not experience the same kind of vibrant life compared to others. Here are some ways you can help an aged man or woman living alone to get rid of loneliness and enjoy their golden phase of life to the fullest.

1) Encourage them to interact with their neighbors:

When an elderly woman or man talks to his neighbors and keeps getting updates about their whereabouts, family life, etc. it would help them get new information on a regular basis. It would make them feel good when neighbors share their life progress and also how times are changing in the modern days. 

2) Be active even if you are living inside locked doors:

A lot of elderly people try to get assistance from their children or maids for their daily chores like washing utensils, sweeping, mopping, etc. This makes them stay at home only and keep watching TV or any other activity for a long period of time. However, you can motivate elderly people to not sit for long hours in their seats and lead an active lifestyle. Walking inside the homes from one room to the other to get their stuff, watching comedy shows, connecting with people on the phone, or video calls can actually keep the mind and body active for the elderly and help them reduce their loneliness levels. 

3) Take active participation in community activities:

Every family may belong to a community that carries out specific religious or spiritual or social activities on a regular basis. Keeping yourself engaged in such activities that foster the community to another level will give an elderly person immense benefits. So, you can figure out which temple an elderly person can visit once a week that is nearby to their area and spend their time there. Even elderly persons will get to meet some known people who will be happy to share their stories and encourage them to speak out about whatever is bothering them and needs to be addressed immediately.