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How to overcome stress-related eating disorders


Stress-related eating has become common nowadays. When you are at home or are going somewhere, if you are under stress, you want to keep on eating something or the other. It can be some sweets, snack items, or main meals that you want to keep on munching. Binge-eating is also one form of a stress-induced eating disorder. Such people don’t see the situation or where they are located but their brain only wants them to keep eating something because of certain sort of negative emotions that they go through. If you are one of them or you know someone who is suffering from a stress-related eating disorder, here are some natural ways to get rid of the bad habit.

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1) Make yourself realize what you eat:

Whenever you feel like eating something, you make a count and measurement of what you are eating. Is it a sweet or junk food or some meals that you want to keep chewing in your mouth so that you feel relaxed and secure? Bring self-awareness into your life as it will help you understand why you are getting into the habit of eating something or the other every few hours. Then write on a food journal of what you ate throughout the day and also note the times when you feel like munching on something.

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2) Find ways to distract yourself during peak eating times:

If your stomach is full but you still feel like eating something or the other during a particular time frame, just keep a tab on the timings. Instead of entering the kitchen or asking your relatives to prepare food for you at regular intervals when the eating alarm inside you starts ringing, you can distract yourself by doing something productive. For example, if you notice that even after a heavy breakfast at 8 am, you want to eat something at 10 am just because you are feeling so, you can ask a friend to call you on the mobile so that you both discuss things during that time. This kind of distraction by doing something else other than eating during your peak eating time zones will help you eventually forget that you want to eat something despite having your stomach full.

3) Speak to a dietitian or nutritionist:

Many times we feel that we are hungry but actually, we are not. It is just boredom or some stress-related information or incidents that we recall that make us get into the habit of overeating. So, if you really want to get rid of this habit and get your weight under control, you can consult a good nutritionist online or offline in your nearby area. They can give you a diet chart that you can follow so that you don’t get into any major health issues trouble in the long run.

4) Feel grateful for whatever you have in life:

Stress about or related to eating usually stems out of some sort of insecurity in your mind. If you want to really overcome the issue, then feel thankful for whatever you have in your life and see how your life blossoms for the good in the long run.

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