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How To Keep Food Safe At Home?

How To Keep Food Safe At Home?

Lifestyle Desk – Today is World Food Safety Day and with that kept in mind, we have curated tips on how you can keep food safe at home. Detach yourself from low-quality food and opt for food that can help you to improve your health.


World Food Safety Day is observed on 7th June. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2018, aims to raise awareness about the importance of food safety. The goal of the day is to aware people to ensure the safety of food and can take action if the quality of the food is not up to the mark. This not only helps individual health but is also beneficial for our economy too.

So, take a vow and make sure you follow safe food practices and can take action if needed.

Now, let’s know how you can keep your food safe at home. Here are the tips you can follow:

  • A hygienic kitchen environment is a must. Maintain your kitchen properly as it impacts your food. Also, Make sure your hands are clean before touching food.
  • Always keep raw and cooked foods separate. Even use separate cutting boards, utensils, and plates for raw and cooked items. Also, store raw food in leak-proof containers.
  • Store your food properly in the refrigerator. Keep refrigerated foods below 40°F (4°C) and frozen foods at or below 0°F (-18°C). Also, keep an eye on food expiration dates.
  • Make sure you freeze leftovers immediately and consume them within a few days. Even reheat leftovers thoroughly to a steaming hot temperature that will kill bacteria if developed.
  • Keep your countertops, cutting boards, utensils, and appliances clean. Make sure you sanitize your kitchen properly, especially sponges and dishcloths.


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